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  1. Unfortunatelly, I still have to say that this is the responsibility of a chat plugin. ProxySuite was never intended to be and will never have any chat modules.
  2. Sadly it's hard to set up Herochat to support the different chat channels that EpicSkyWars uses for alive and spectator players. I guess I'll be stuck with BungeeEssentials for ignore module.
  3. Hi!

    How do I deactivate join and leave messages and announcements? There are too many plugins for that in my servers yet :). So I get double messages...

    This warning is new (user "Magnifizienz" has switched to another server)... maybe that is an issue of your plugin??
    25.09 15:44:00 [Disconnect] User Magnifizienz has disconnected, reason: Internal Exception: java.io.IOException: Error while read(...): Connection reset by peer

    It would be nice to have /mail send and /mail read and /mail clear :)

    I will give you an review shortly. Your plugin is very, very nice!! :)

    Ciao, Carsten
  4. To disable the join/leave messages you can just put an empty string ('') in the messages.yml at that point.
    To disable announcements, you just remove all the announcements from the announcements.yml

    That's not an error of my plugin.

    I will not add /mail because that is functionality of a chat plugin and ProxySuite was never intended to and will never be a chat plugin, sorry.
  5. Hi Sabbertran,

    thanks for your answer!

    I would like to suggest a missing permission:

    When player A uses the command /tpa playerB he should get a message if "playerB" is not allowed to come to the world of player A.
    So I am missing one permission similar to essentials - called "essentials.worlds.worldname".
    Unfortunately the command /tpa is very popular by the players and it would be nice if I have the possibility to hold it.

    Ciao, Carsten
  6. Hi, just a question. Is there a way of seeing the ban list? And the warning list? That would help speed things up nicely.
  7. You can See the warnings for a Player using /warnings <Name>

    There are no lists of all warnings or Bans if you mean that.
    But you can always look into the database table directly
  8. Will add that in the next update
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  9. Thank you for the quick response. Running a query on the database is not feasible for staff. Can you perhaps add that?
  10. Just to clarify, you are looking for an ingame list of all Bans? If so, i'll add that in the next update
  11. Yes, an in-game list will be best. As I am the only one with console/host access, it is not always possible to run a query directly against the database. Could you perhaps do the same for warnings? At the moment we have a list on the website of warnings and bans, but to have quick access in-game would be much better. Also, when you give a warning, it kicks the player, giving the impression to the player that he was banned/kicked. We work on a 3 strike system, so a warning does not warrant a kick.
  12. Well, there already is the possibility to look warnigns up for a specific player, so I don't see the need for a full warning list. It would only make things more confusing.

    You can turn off the kick in the config (ProxySuite.Warnings.KickOnWarn)
  13. Hi,

    I would like to create a german messages.yml. But before I reinvent the wheel it is better to ask ;) whether there is such a file ?

    Sabbertran: Is it possible to use color codes like &4 or &a or &l in the messages.yml?

    Ciao, Carsten
  14. Yep, you can perfectly use these color codes or, if you want, use json messages which give you more possibilitys (clickable commands, hover texts, etc.). If you need help with creating the json messages, I can only recommend this website: https://www.minecraftjson.com/
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  15. Hi @all!

    This is a german messages.yml. Please test it, if you want.
    The onliest thing you have to do is to fill in text here:

    join.broadcast: 'TEXT'
    join.newplayer.announcement: 'TEXT'
    leave.broadcast: 'TEXT'

    If there is an error please let me know :)

    CIao, Carsten

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  16. Hi,

    I am looking at a very mysterious error here. I have sent a note with (exactly) /note username Test.
    When 'username' type in /notes he is going disconnected.and get an error.

    But there are no errors in the logfile of the bungee cord server and the gameserver.

    'username' gets this error:


    I have deleted this note. But what is going wrong there?

    CIao, Carsten
  17. There is an invalid JSON-message in your messages.yml.
    It's note.list.entry.
    Wrong (in your file):
    Code (Text):
    [{"text":"#%id%","color":"gold"},{"text":" - ","color":"gray"},{"text":"%note%,"color":"white"}]
    Code (Text):
    [{"text":"#%id%","color":"gold"},{"text":" - ","color":"gray"},{"text":"%note%","color":"white"}]
  18. Ohhhh..... thanks!! :)
    But look at your standard messages.yml .... :p

    Ciao, Carsten
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  19. Hi,
    You forgot a replaceholder for prefixe on the message "teleport.request.sent"

    My sentence is :
    "&7[&3TP&7] &3Demande de téléportation envoyée à %prefix%%player%"

    And I see on minecraft :
    "Demande de téléportation envoyée à %prefix%notch"

    All others prefixes are good for other messages ;)

    And a question : how to write newline on messages, "\n" does not work :/
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  20. Thanks for the Info.
    New lines work with %newMessage%
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