Bungee - Spigot ProxySuite 1.2.2

The global software-suite your server needs - Warps, Homes, Bans, Kicks, Warns, Portals & much more

  1. Hi Sabbertran,

    thank you for your fast answer. You have PM.

    Ciao, Carsten
  2. Hello,

    Can I use JSON in the MOTD?
  3. Sure, the MOTD messages are parsed like any other message, so they can be in the JSON-format aswell.
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  4. Hay,

    The correct permissions is: proxysuite.commands.warnings.others :)
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  5. Could you please add the option to stop item-pickup while vanished?
  6. I'm trying this out now, and when I try to set up a portal, a warp, etc, I get a second or two of delay and then "you don't have permission to use this command" I have given myself the proper permissions to use these commands. There are no errors in either the Bungee or Spigot consoles. ideas?
    spigot 1.10.2
    proxysuite 1.2
    Also, In BungeeSuite, the portal command was /setportal <name> server/warp <name of server/warp> type [water, portal, none] So I'm curious, will this allow a portal to another server by using the server name like bungeesuite did? I'm not seeing evidence that is will in the documentation.
    #106 Voigt, Nov 30, 2016
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  7. Update: I just fixed a misspelling with the database and the commands work, but I'm still curious about naming the server....
  8. In ProxySuite, portals have a warp as the destination. So you can set a (hidden) warp for every server with a name you like and use these
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  9. Would you be able to make it so end portal and end gateway blocks are also usable?
  10. You can just use the type NOTHING. It will not replace any blocks, so just set an end portal and create a portal in it.
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  11. That should be good enough and the end _Gateway works fine, but the end portal tries to take you to the end (even if end is turned off in the configs) so it tries to teleport you to a warp and a world at the same time and then the client crashes.
  12. Ok, that's bad.
    Is it possible for you to expand the portal "region", so that the player gets teleported before he enters the end-portal?
  13. No, the portal is at ground level, like a pool of water. I've had to switch to water because of this, but it doesn't fit with the aesthetic of the server. I get the feeling Mojang bumped up the priority of end portals in versions over 1.8. But I don't know that for sure
  14. Also, Would you be able to set this up to do server based announcements? Not everything is applicable across the entirety of my network...i.e. kitpvp and flywars announcments should stay there and have no need to be seen on servers like skylands.or skyblock..
  15. I suggested adding in a disabled-servers feature where it would disable proxysuite from being loaded/used on those servers. perhaps you can add to this if you want to call out specific modules to disable on those servers only too.
  16. Unfortunatelly I do not have very much time right now, so adding these features is currently not possible for me.
    But I'll keep it in mind until I find time to do a new update.
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  17. Would you mind if I added it in? I noted you had it on a private git so I'd like permission to contribute off github.
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  18. if i try to overwrite a home with the same name i get the message that i have reached the maximum points of homes per world,
    but only if all homes are in one world
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