Bungee - Spigot ProxySuite 1.2.2

The global software-suite your server needs - Warps, Homes, Bans, Kicks, Warns, Portals & much more

  1. Hi, i'm using your plugin on 1.11 bungeecord with 1.11 spigot servers. It's not letting me use the commands even though I have OP, and I have all the permissions in pex but it won't let me use them. I've tried deopping myself, and I get the same result. Do you need mysql for this to work properly? because i'm trying to use this just for warps and it shouldn't need that, any help? thanks
  2. You need to use a sql database for this Plugin, because all it's Data (including the Warps) is Stored in the Database.
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  3. Hi!

    Is there a possibility for higher ranked players that they only can use the command /ban against special permissions groups?

    Ciao, Carsten
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  4. Nope, unfortunatelly that's not possible.
  5. Hi Sabbertran,

    then I would like to suggest that :D

    Ciao, Carsten
  6. Currently I'm not working on any updates, but I will keep it in mind for when I do
  7. Hi Sabbertran,

    uhhh.... okay. Please think about that... because of 1.11.x... it would be very nice and I am always clear to donate!

    Ciao, Carsten
  8. Well, thank's for that, but I can't be bought. I'll do it when I do ;)
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  9. Is it possible to create warps just for a Server?
  10. Hi gaRt3n,

    warps of Proxysuite are generally for all servers. But if you want special warps for one of your servers I have solved it for me in this way: /essentials:setwarp specialwarp . But probably users don't want to jump with /essentials:warp specialwarp and so I have set command signs for the jump. I think "essentials" is a MUST for your servers in any way.

    Ciao, Carsten
  11. We are using this plugin on our 1.11.2 bungeecord network, and are having an issue. When we give a player the permissions to use parts of the plugin, they cannot use them until they switch servers or log out and back in. We use PowerfulPerms for our permissions system, and it works for every other plugin we have tried so far. I am guessing that ProxySuite checks what permissions a player has when they log in and not again till they log in again. Is there a way to make ProxySuite check the permissions when the player tries to run a command instead? Or a command that will force ProxySuite to check the players permissions again?
  12. I have just created a new dev-build with a new command to reload the permissions of one or all players.
    Please try this dev-build to see if it solves your problems: https://git.sabbertran.de/Sabbertran/ProxySuite/builds/256/artifacts/file/target/ProxySuite-1.2.jar
    The new commands are
    Code (Text):
    /proxysuite reloadperms
    (Permission: proxysuite.commands.reloadperms)
    /proxysuite reloadperms <player>
    (Permission: proxysuite.commands.reloadperms.player)
    Please make sure to also update your messages.yml with the new messages:
    Code (Text):
    permissions.reload.success: 'All permissions have been reloaded'
    permissions.reload.success.player: '%player%'s permissions have been reloaded'
  13. Thank you very much for the fast response and update.

    I have installed and tested it on the network and it looks like it is going to work great.
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  14. Hay,

    I found a bug: If a player is typing something into the chat, while he is flying, he fall down.
  15. 99% sure that has nothing to do with ProxySuite, because it only interacts with the gamemode of the player when it is changed.
    ProxySuite sets the gamemode just as every other plugin or even vanilla Minecraft (using the /gamemode) command.
  16. It works with gamemode 1, this Bug only occurs with /fly
  17. The /fly command also uses the built-in bukkit/spigot features for enabling a player to fly, just like Essentials. I don't see how ProxySuite would interfer with these. Do you have any other plugins that could interfere with the flight?
  18. Okay. Only my Anti-Cheat i think.
  19. Then you might want to look at your Anti-Cheat to check if it's causing the problem.
  20. Hi, uhh, can i request something? I want you to make a proxysuite.command.* kinda permission please! I don't want to collect every single perm one by one... :(