Bungee - Spigot ProxySuite 1.2.2

The global software-suite your server needs - Warps, Homes, Bans, Kicks, Warns, Portals & much more

  1. You can already do that with every part of a permission.
    For your need it would be proxysuite.commands.*
  2. Just a thought for future versions: it would be great to give players access to one (not all) warps. So rather than giving proxysuite.commands.warp to players we could give proxysuite.commands.warp.<warpname> which would let them only do /warp <warpname>.

    It might be reaching a bit, but the ability to set the /setwarp command per warp would also be brilliant (in a similar way as above). For example, I could then set it up so that every player gets to make one warp (proxysuite.commands.setwarp.<warpname>) and then they would only have access to /setwarp <warpname>
  3. Can you add a permission to exempt a tempban, ban and kick?
  4. I need a way to disable /ps, it is interfering with another one of my plugins.
  5. i can´t execute the commands of this Plugin in a custom Gui or Command Alias ? It says: "Unknow Command"
  6. Hi Sabbertran ,

    1.) This plugin is one of the main modules in my network. Please go on with your good working and upgrade to 1.12

    2.) I am using the announcements without .json. It's easier for me. :) But how I can set the ö ü ä ?? Have I to use unicodes? Can you give me an example?

    Thank you very much!

    Ciao, Carsten
  7. 1) if anything breaks, please just post the error here, so that I can take a look at it.
    2) just make sure to have the right encoding on your file. UTF-8 should work just fine
  8. Hi Sabbertran,

    unfortunately it doesn't work with UTF-8.
    Do you think there is a chance with a .json-file (I can't test it yet).

    Ciao, Carsten
  9. Please check, that all warps have the needed data (coordinates, world, server, name) in the database.
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  10. All the needed data are available, but one server from the warplist is offline,
    after starting the server, the warplist was displayed correctly.
  11. I am OP but can't use anything

    I put permission to a rank but they can't use it

    And it says no permission after 10 seconds

    why ???

    thanks =)
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  12. Are you sure that you have ProxySuiteBukkit installed on all your Bukkit servers?
  13. Are there any errors in any of the bukkit logs or the bungee log?
  14. I restart the server for an other plugin ang your plugin works now :)

  15. Is it a bug, that if im in the lobby server and tp to someone, it works.
    And if im on the same server as the person i tp to, i dont have permission?...
    Verry werd..
  16. Are you sure that ProxySuiteBukkit is installed on all servers? The permissions are read from the current server you are on.
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  17. Thanks, i just had op on the server hahah, the best is when Noone has OP. Only the permieeions that are needed :p
  18. BTW. how can you disable the announcer?