Bungee - Spigot ProxySuite 1.2.2

The global software-suite your server needs - Warps, Homes, Bans, Kicks, Warns, Portals & much more

  1. Just remove all entries from the announcements.yml file
  2. The /warp command doesn't seem to work from the console (it only works if it comes from a player). Is there any way to run the warp command from console?
  3. Of course you can only warp to a location if you are a player, which the console is not.
    If you want to warp somebody else, you can use /warp [player] <name>, which also works from the console.
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  4. You can execute this command from the minecraft server console: /bun <playername> warp <warpname>
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  5. Hi I have a problem, when I am on a server and I want to access a home that is on another server, I get teleported to the server in question but not to the rental of my home. I have the same problem with any teleportation. I'm on Thermos 1.7.10 and I have set "opt-out" to true like that:
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  6. Are you sure that ProxySuiteBukkit is installed on all servers?
  7. Hi,
    So we are wanting to use this plugin, however, the server owner @Arizrain has some questions.
    How does this plugin interact with essentialsX?
    Can we do IP bans?
    Do you actively use this on a 1.12 server?

  8. "Could not pass incoming plugin message to ProxySuiteBukkit v1.2" Installed on both Proxy and Other servers, worked in 1.11 with same config
  9. There is no specifix interaction with Essentials(X). All ProxySuite commands are handled on the BungeeCord, so they get handled before the command reaches the spigot server. Because of that all Essentials(X)-commands that are also ProxySuite-commands are not being handled by Essentials(X). You can however disable some modules of ProxySuite (e.g. warp or spawns) which will allow you to use the Essentials(X)-commands for these.
    There are no IP-bans in ProxySuite.
    No, I don't own a server anymore, therefore I am not using it, but I've heard from some community-members which are actively using it in 1.12.

    You should also know, that I do not actively work on my plugins anymore. Therefore there will be no major updates, however, I try to fix bugs as they appear. If you want to expand the functionality or add something for your server, you can feel free to clone the project and work on it yourself (or even publish your work for others).

    Do you have any other error messages in your log (both Bungee and Spigot)?
  10. So, we did an import from geSuit into ProxySuite. We used the commands from the first page for BungeeSuite, however, we had to modify them slightly and update them due to some differences. Here are the mySQL queries we executed to complete the process:
    Code (Text):
    INSERT INTO `proxysuite_warps` (name, hidden, server, world, x, y, z, pitch, yaw) SELECT warpname, hidden, server, world, x, y, z, pitch, yaw FROM `warps`;
    ALTER TABLE `proxysuite_players` CHANGE `online` `online` TINYINT(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0';
    INSERT INTO `proxysuite_players` (uuid, name, last_seen) SELECT uuid, playername, lastonline FROM `players`;
    INSERT INTO `proxysuite_homes` (player, name, server, world, x, y, z, yaw, pitch ) SELECT player, home_name, server, world, x, y, z, yaw, pitch FROM `homes`;
    DELETE FROM `bans` WHERE `banned_uuid` IS NULL;
    INSERT INTO `proxysuite_bans` (player, reason, author, created, expiration) SELECT banned_uuid, reason, banned_by, banned_on, banned_until FROM `bans`;
    All of this can go into the SQL box in PHPmyAdmin under the database and run to do the entire import.
  11. Okay, so we found a few issues: first off, not allowing the join/leave messages to be turned off, as well as an issue where if BungeeTabListPlus was not installed and a player logged out in vanish it would throw a huge "class not found" exception. See the patch file below to fix these issues. Since I'm not a part of the website you use to create the plugin I can't send you a pull request. So have a patch file instead.
    Code (Text):

    diff --git a/src/main/java/de/sabbertran/proxysuite/Events.java b/src/main/java/de/sabbertran/proxysuite/Events.java
    index 2eba7ad..933af33 100644
    --- a/src/main/java/de/sabbertran/proxysuite/Events.java
    +++ b/src/main/java/de/sabbertran/proxysuite/Events.java
    @@ -170,17 +170,19 @@

    -                main.getProxy().getScheduler().schedule(main, new Runnable() {
    -                    public void run() {
    -                        main.getMessageHandler().broadcast(main.getMessageHandler().getMessage("join.broadcast").replace("%player%",
    -                                ev.getPlayer().getName()).replace("%player%", p.getName()).replace("%prefix%", main.getPlayerHandler
    -                                ().getPrefix(p)).replace("%suffix%", main.getPlayerHandler().getSuffix(p)));
    +                if (main.getConfig().getBoolean("ProxySuite.ModulesEnabled.JoinLeaveMessages")) {
    +                    main.getProxy().getScheduler().schedule(main, new Runnable() {
    +                        public void run() {
    +                            main.getMessageHandler().broadcast(main.getMessageHandler().getMessage("join.broadcast").replace("%player%",
    +                                    ev.getPlayer().getName()).replace("%player%", p.getName()).replace("%prefix%", main.getPlayerHandler
    +                                    ().getPrefix(p)).replace("%suffix%", main.getPlayerHandler().getSuffix(p)));

    -                        if (main.getPermissionHandler().hasPermission(p, "proxysuite.messages.motd"))
    -                            for (String s : main.getConfig().getStringList("ProxySuite.Messages.MOTD"))
    -                                main.getMessageHandler().sendMessage(p, s);
    -                    }
    -                }, main.getConfig().getInt("ProxySuite.Messages.JoinMessageDelayMS"), TimeUnit.MILLISECONDS);
    +                            if (main.getPermissionHandler().hasPermission(p, "proxysuite.messages.motd"))
    +                                for (String s : main.getConfig().getStringList("ProxySuite.Messages.MOTD"))
    +                                    main.getMessageHandler().sendMessage(p, s);
    +                        }
    +                    }, main.getConfig().getInt("ProxySuite.Messages.JoinMessageDelayMS"), TimeUnit.MILLISECONDS);
    +                }

                     if (main.getConfig().getBoolean("ProxySuite.ModulesEnabled.Vanish")) {
                         main.getProxy().getScheduler().runAsync(main, new Runnable() {
    @@ -191,7 +193,8 @@
                                     if (rs.next() && rs.getBoolean("vanished")) {
    -                                    BungeeTabListPlus.hidePlayer(p);
    +                                    if (main.isBungeeTabListPlusInstalled())
    +                                        BungeeTabListPlus.hidePlayer(p);
                                 } catch (SQLException e) {
    @@ -265,9 +268,11 @@

    -        main.getMessageHandler().broadcast(main.getMessageHandler().getMessage("leave.broadcast").replace("%player%",
    -                p.getName()).replace("%prefix%", main.getPlayerHandler().getPrefix(p)).replace("%suffix%", main
    -                .getPlayerHandler().getSuffix(p)));
    +        if (main.getConfig().getBoolean("ProxySuite.ModulesEnabled.JoinLeaveMessages")) {
    +            main.getMessageHandler().broadcast(main.getMessageHandler().getMessage("leave.broadcast").replace("%player%",
    +                    p.getName()).replace("%prefix%", main.getPlayerHandler().getPrefix(p)).replace("%suffix%", main
    +                    .getPlayerHandler().getSuffix(p)));
    +        }

    diff --git a/src/main/java/de/sabbertran/proxysuite/handlers/PlayerHandler.java b/src/main/java/de/sabbertran/proxysuite/handlers/PlayerHandler.java
    index 8fb8abe..0378976 100644
    --- a/src/main/java/de/sabbertran/proxysuite/handlers/PlayerHandler.java
    +++ b/src/main/java/de/sabbertran/proxysuite/handlers/PlayerHandler.java
    @@ -99,11 +99,13 @@

    -                main.getProxy().getScheduler().schedule(main, new Runnable() {
    -                    public void run() {
    -                        announceNewPlayer(con.getName());
    -                    }
    -                }, 500L, TimeUnit.MILLISECONDS);
    +                if (main.getConfig().getBoolean("ProxySuite.ModulesEnabled.JoinLeaveMessages")) {
    +                    main.getProxy().getScheduler().schedule(main, new Runnable() {
    +                        public void run() {
    +                            announceNewPlayer(con.getName());
    +                        }
    +                    }, 500L, TimeUnit.MILLISECONDS);
    +                }
             } catch (SQLException e) {
    diff --git a/src/main/resources/config.yml b/src/main/resources/config.yml
    index b5c03ae..046956c 100644
    --- a/src/main/resources/config.yml
    +++ b/src/main/resources/config.yml
    @@ -17,6 +17,7 @@
         Vanish: true
         Fly: true
         Gamemode: true
    +    JoinLeaveMessages: true
         - Welcome to the server

  12. Sabbertran, Is there a permission to give to players to warp to a set warp? I've given proxysuite.commands.warp and proxysuite.commands.warps also guessed and gave them proxysuite.commands.warp.pshops, but I only want players to be able to warp to certain ones, on our warp list. Not to all warps. With those 2 permissions, they still cant warp at all. Did I miss a permission?
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  13. Sabbertran updated ProxySuite with a new update entry:

    Bugfixes, UTF-8 and more

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  14. To turn off messages, you can just replace them with an empty string in the messages.yml file (In this case join.newplayer.announcement).
    I implemented your fix for BungeeTabListPlus in version 1.2.1.
    I also just migrated most of my projects to GitHub, so if you have any pull-requests in the future, you can send them there.
  15. There is no permission to only be able to warp to specific warps.
    The only permission needed to warp is proxysuite.commands.warp or proxysuite.commands.warp.others to warp other players to a warp.
  16. Hello Very nice work.. great BungeeSuite alternative>>

    is easy for you to add Worldspawn ServerSpawn ProxySpawn like the bungeesuite spawns?
  17. There is only a global spawn and a newbie-spawn. There will be no major feature updates for ProxySuite, so no world/server-spawn.
  18. Can warps be created per server (only visible on that same server)?

    Apart from the bungeecord, of course
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  19. No, that is not possible.