PS4 Pro OR Xbox One S for a young one?

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  1. Afternoon,

    I have faced a small issue, I'm trying to figure out what console would best suit my 8-year-old brother playing games at home.

    Our family is considering purchasing a PS4 Pro or Xbox One S, but I'd really like your help in comparing the two.

    I do not want this post to be "console wars". Yes, I understand they both have their advantages and benefits, but I'm trying to figure out what is best for a younger individual.

    So let's begin, My little brother is 8 years of age, most of his friends play mature games (things like call of duty, nothing like gta 5). He's always begging to play games rated Mature or Teen, but as a defensive brother I don't want him exposed to those things. I've recently faced the fact he will just go to other kids houses and play these games anyway, so we might as well allow them at home, heavily enforced of course.

    So between these 2 consoles, I'd like your help in comparing things such as:
    - Cost of long term use (memberships etc)
    - Game restrictions/parental controls
    - Ease of use
    - Features that can be used in a home theater setup (it will be in the living room, what else can it do?)
    - Game prices
    - Any other comparing facts you feel relevant

    I'd very much appreciate your input as our family has hit a wall with this decision. It is worth noting our family doesn't really have a strong internet connection, and we already have an xbox one s in the home. (30mbps down 5mbps upload)

    - Andrew :p
  2. From the surface, they are pretty much both the same. Same features, same advantages, same disadvantages. Almost same prices, almost same games. Your brother will probably be fine on either. 30mbps download is pretty decent, you shouldn't have a hard time with that unless 5 people are using the internet at once.
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  3. I certainly cannot think of very many games on either console that are anywhere near age-appropriate for an 8-year-old, with the exception of annual garbage like sports games. I suggest you look at the lineup of games he may be interested in on either system, and also consider the nintendo switch bring released early next year, if this is not intended as a christmas gift (or is he too "cool" to play nintendo games, already?).

    Every console has the ability to stream video, run web browsers, and some of the newer ones can use some third-party software.
    Games (of any actual quality) tend to be in the 60-80$ range for them, which to me is absurd (PC/nintendo background)

    PS4 has settings to limit access to games based on rating, and limit internet access, i assume Xboxlol has similar options, it at least has internet restriction.
    TBH, i think an 8-year-old really has better stuff to be doing than playing lolcod.

    If he plays minecraft, and "cool" is important, he would probably love a custom PC, which at this point can be cheaper and smaller than either console while delivering about twice the performance.
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  4. Game consoles are cheaper then a custom high end pc
  5. I'm currently running minecraft at 150 fps on a 4k monitor on a prebuilt hp computer, I guarantee my brother won't be playing games that require anything remotely high end :p
  6. Define "high end".
    A 500$ PC can run any existing game on ultra, and i doubt an 8-year-old plans on playing wild hunt or FC4.
    A 250$ mini-ITX would be as small as a console, better than a console performance-wise, and run a lot more of the sort of things someone of that age would be playing.
  7. A big factor to also consider is if he wants to play these games with his friends, (online using the console friend system) they need to have the same system. So I'd ask him which console most of his friends have.
  8. I7-4790K
    16gb ram
    Gtx 1080
    1tb ssd
    = high end
  9. Yes, but why would anyone need that?

    If you want to go with totally needless absurdity in the name of ego, may as well get 64GB ram, wait for the 1080TI, SLI that shit, RAID-10 the SSDs and use an i7-6900
  10. Perhaps you can use your specification knowledge to tell us a setup that would work for a 8 year old playing small non-mainstream titles off steam? Lets keep this on topic?

    You did spark an idea for me, as my brother watches some cringy YouTubers who play a lot of kid-friendly computer games, this might just be a good solution, any ideas as to what kind of computer specifications would work well? Supporting future standards and titles?
  11. Which titles? Beyond good & evil? Rayman and such?
  12. md_5

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    Get him what his friends play so they can do multiplayer.
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  13. Hello,

    As I am a PlayStation user please don't take this biased but my younger brother has an Xbox 1 here's my opinion on them.

    Playstation, there interface with the user especially young consumers is pretty straight forward.
    Xbox, the Xbox has got a quite complicated interface that caused my brother hard to find things but he soon got use to it.

    *Both consoles have the exactly same prices for membership and I believe both have subscription features.

    Playstation, PlayStation doesn't have the best support when trying to get my account back after I forgot the password we called them up and since I wasn't 18+ (I had to tell them my b/d) they banned my account. Which you could say is fair but when I've spend £5000+ on the account it isn't particularly the kindest thing to do. But PlayStation support, in general, is pretty shit most support members being foreign and hard to understand.
    Xbox, I don't have any kind of experience with Xbox support.

    Other things you can do;
    Playstation, well you might have seen that PlayStation has just released their VR this would be perfect for all the family in the living room.
    Xbox, I believe the Xbox comes with Sports games that are interactive with the webcam they provide.

    Game Prices;
    *Not quite sure.

    **Overall I would recommend the PlayStation just be careful of some people and games. :)
  14. Good comparison of online services:
    - ps4 you need a ps+ subscription
    - Xbox one you dont need a gold membership
  15. For a cheap, "cool" PC that can handle lots of stuff..
    As a benchmark: minecraft with totally maxed out graphics, including shaders - and definitely any "cringey kid games" like lego stuff, lolblox, W101 (does this even exist anymore?) ect, that will continue to serve him well for years:

    462 US$, not counting monitor, keyboard, mouse, sound (all very cheap except monitor).
    To lower price further, CPU could be switched out for a cheaper AMD or intel pentium that supports the RAM and motherboard. (-30$ or so, but a big performance hit).
    This build would probably last him to highschool age, and could be further upgraded, as it uses newest-generation motherboard/ram/processor.
    For an added 30$, a GTX 1050 TI could replace the 1050, or to save 30$ or so, you could downgrade to an AMD card, but the performance hit would again be big. 1050TI will run anything well, on a single normal-sized monitor.

    It would be a cute little snow block like this: [​IMG]
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  16. lolwhat
    you need a gold membership to even watch Netflix
    you also need it to play online so there's that
  17. My bad.. I dont use xbox one so I used my thoughts on it