PSA For Those Using Login Authentication Plugins

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  1. Just want to give a PSA out to all who may be using login authentication plugins, such as xauth, authme etc, to connect to website forums and such...

    If you are utilizing login sessions and bungeecord:

    If you log out on 1 computer/IP address, and log in on another within your session, you will get a cryptic kick message, "[Proxy] Lost connection to server D:"

    On your logs, you will see that you did indeed somewhat log in to your server, with no kick messages.

    This is caused by your auth plugin, and the original session it is storing from a different IP address. Typically, when NOT connecting through a bungee server, if this happens, you get a message telling you that your session data does not match. I do not see this as a BungeeCord bug, and am not reporting it as such, I am reporting it in case it happens to anyone else, to try and spare you the investigation. Of course, most of you may have realized this, and not wasted 30 minutes.... :)
  2. There is a way around this. Use spigot, latest build. It "imports" the IP from bungeecord.
  3. You misunderstand my post.

    The issue was, I had been logged in from home all night. Remotely rebooted server in the morning, then logged in from a different IP as I had just been logged in as. Thus, my auth plugin saw two different IP's before my session ended. The message one would normally get about "session active on another IP, cant log in", did not get passed through BungeeCord. Not a fault on BC's fault, I simply wanted to state it in case I could save anyone else some investigation time, if they got hit with the same thing.

    I am already on latest Spigot+BC and IP's and being passed through flawlessly, so far.
  4. My bad, sorry.
  5. haha no worries dude. My explanation was horrible.
  6. jeff142


    useing xauth, i dont have this problem.