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    Oh, no! A user is breaking the rules.
    I want to report them.

    How do I do it the right way?


    So, you've stumbled across a user breaking the rules, and you want to do something about it. Awesome! As a moderation team, the Spigot staff depend on users like yourself to alert us to when a user is breaking the forum rules or doing something they aren't supposed to be doing.

    However, as much as we want you to help, we also need you to help in the right way, so we can handle the issue swiftly and prevent anything from happening before it becomes a major issue. So, next time you want to help the moderation staff, follow this quick and easy guide to writing a report.


    1. Do not tag staff members! Report!

    To summarize from @Puremin0rez's post here, please do not tag staff members individually in a thread to solve an issue. Normally, whenever you tag a staff member, you'll forget a @brajo here, a @danjb2000 there, maybe a @nhadobas over here, so please help the moderation staff out by writing a report instead.

    By writing a report, you are essentially notifying all the moderation staff, and this way, whoever is able to take care of it first will be able to handle it quickly and thoroughly.

    So do yourself a favor, and before you type the @ symbol, hit the "Report" button.


    2. Report, don't reply.

    Great, so now you know how to use the report button! But do you know when to use it?

    Often, sometimes you'll see a user breaking the rules so badly, it makes your eyes hurt. You can see the rules breaking so badly, the page is practically screaming at you. Regardless of how ridiculous or frustrating the content is, instead of replying or responding, just report it and move on.

    When you reply to a user who has broken the rules and try to get them to see that they've broken the rules, this may only cause a flame war, and this benefits nobody. Sometimes, we see users report content that does blatantly break the rules, but then the same users go and respond with equally nasty posts, and then we have to issue warnings to both the original troublemaker and the person who responded.

    So do yourself another favor, and instead of hitting the "Reply" button, hit the "Report" button and close the page.


    3. Include important information!

    Now we're making real progress. You know how to use the report button and you know when to use it. But do you know how to write a good report?

    Whenever you fill out a report, you're getting a direct line straight to the moderation team, telling us what you think the issue is. But there is one thing you need to remember – you are not me, and I am not you. We're both different people, and we might not see the same thing that the other person might see. So make sure whenever you fill out a report, please include important details about what the problem is, if it isn't obvious (like spam).

    If you feel a user is harassing you, for example, please explain to us how they are harassing you or how they have offended you. Depending on the context of what you report, we can't guarantee we will take action, but the more details we have, the easier it is for us to decide.

    Probably the best two examples for this are resource copying and duplicate threads. Whenever you report resource copying, please include a link to the original plugin or resource being copied! Sometimes we receive reports that literally just say, "Copied!" But that doesn't give us any context. We may go look at the thread for the resource and not find any links. Include important information like this so we can actually investigate it and get to the bottom. Also, same for duplicate threads – report one of them, but make sure you include a link to the other one so we can quickly delete it instead of searching for wherever the duplicate is.


    Congratulations! You made it!

    Congratulations, you are now a professional report writer! With your newly discovered reporting abilities, you too can make a difference here on Spigot and help the moderation staff keep the bad eggs out and make sure the forums are an enjoyable and relaxing experience for everyone.

    Remember to always follow this guide when writing reports; otherwise, we cannot guarantee that the report will be resolved. Help us help you by using the report button, not responding to users who are breaking the rules, and including details in your reports!

    Thanks for helping keep Spigot a friendly place. :)

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