PSA: Useful advice when downloading plugins

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by TheLukeGuy, Feb 10, 2018.

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  1. MiniDigger

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  2. Atm it silently deletes.
    I made the suggestion in a thread to not delete it, but chage ownership remove previous updates, and update the plugin with an informative message. However it was said that it is too much work to do that.

    Edit: Oops there's a third page.
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  3. When a plugin disappears from here and there's no info as to why, i assume the worst - because i care more about my data than i care about the author's reason for deleting it or spigots' reason to delete it.

    yes, don't just 'backup', archive your backups :p

    It would be nice to get some feedback at least.. i find it quite irresponsible if staff of a site knows there's something malicious going on with a plugin that this doesn't get communicated properly.
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  4. I quoted this in a spoiler in the original post. :)
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  5. Well I thought you were making your point against
  6. Maximvdw


    And onLoad, static{....}
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  7. See my post on the first page, bottom post: I show an example of a working bukkit entrypoint other than onEnable, onLoad, static. :p
  8. @TheLukeGuy you can easily crash Procyon by setting the class signature to something invalid. (Same goes for JD-GUI and CFR)
  9. And there are ways to crash fernflower or, even better, manipulate the result, and javap (disassembling) is crashed through the same method

    causing krakatau to crash is nearly impossible (not seen yet in any program), you can just increase decompilation time with some sneaky tricks
  10. Very true.
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  11. this plugin is no longer available so could you remove the hyperlink altogether and say the plugin name
  12. Take care of the Java compiler which may compile stuff which the Developer never coded, such as "Integer.valueOf(49);"
  13. no comprendo. english please
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  14. That is english lol.
  15. u don't get da expression m8
  16. Uhm thats not the point of this PSA to say something about auto-(un)boxing of primitives in java.
  17. My protection delays krakatau by many many hours, and I can't figure really figure out how to make it actually finish any methods. It's just stuck at the "extremely many entry points detected... blah blah".
  18. PyPy2 + Krakatau Decompiler seems to get the job done (takes like an hour though).

    6 mb of code
  19. MiniDigger


    What kind of ancient decompiler do you use that doesn't properly normalize autoboxing? Lol
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