Pterodactyl Panel — The Next Generation of Free Multi-Server Management. (Now with WHMCS Support)

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    From the core developer of PufferPanel comes the next generation of server management: Pterodactyl.
    Github :|: Website :|: Discord Chat :|: Community
    Looking for speed, reliability, ease of use, extendability? Look no further. Pterodactyl is the next generation of multi-server management built with game networks and game server hosting companies in mind, but also flexible enough to allow use for a single server.

    • How much does this panel cost? — $0; zip; nada. This panel is Free and Open Source Software licensed under a GNU GPL-v3 license and will always be.
    • Isn't this PufferPanel? — I am the same person that created and developed PufferPanel, but this is a different panel and code. Many of the same features exist, but it has been rewritten using Laravel and has some new features and a newly written daemon.
    • Where can I download it? — You can find guides for installing the panel on our documentation site. If you want to follow along with development or need help we suggest joining our Discord Chat where we are active.
    Front-End Features:
    • Built with security in mind — BCRYPT password hashing, Two-Factor Authentication, HTTPS support out of the box.
    • Simple design — don't get lost trying to perform actions, everything is cleanly laid out. In addition, we leverage Bootstrap 3 as the base for our designs, so they are 100% responsive and easily modified to fit your company design.
    • Live Statistics and Console — view your server's console in real-time without any delays. In addition, server statistics are displayed every two seconds and neatly graphed for easy monitoring.
    • Sub-User Support — have a friend or two (or twenty) that you want to let access your server to manage configurations and keep an eye on the console? Easily add friends and select specific permissions that they have. Only want them to be able to view the console and make sure the server stays on but not be able to read any files? Easy as checking a few boxes.
    • Dynamic Startup Management — different services have different configuration options (assigned by the admin) that users may be able to modify to change run-time parameters (such as default world, server jarfile to use, etc.).
    • Scheduled Tasks — let users send commands to their server at scheduled times, or restart every day at a certain time. Supports raw cron syntax, no need to be limited to specific time options.
    • Per-Server Databases — need a logblock database but don't want to set it up on your database (or don't really know how)? Pterodactyl Panel can take care of that for you.
    • Change default startup IP and Port — as long as an admin has assigned additional IPs and Ports users can quickly switch their default, as well as see which ones are available for binding to plugins.
    Back-End Features:
    • Simple Admin Interface — we know that you just want to see the important things, why make you jump through hoops for that.
    • RESTful API — want to create or control servers or users from a remote service? Easy. And yes, there is a WHMCS module available.
    • Live Node Statistics — view every server on a node, as well as the current resource use of all those servers all from one page. You can also view the total number of players connected to all servers on the node.
    • Reassign server IP and Port allocations on the fly.
    • Every server runs in its own Docker container. This allows servers to be completely isolated from each other, and rogue services are unable to open additional (externally accessible) ports for malicious or nefarious uses.
    • Server Suspension — suspend servers without removing data. Blocks access to server, stops the process, and disables SFTP access until you unsuspend the server.
    • Custom build daemon — we built our daemon in house to do everything we needed. It runs completely independently of the servers and absolutely no part of the panel or its features requires a plugin to be installed on your game server.
    Pictures — because that is all you really want to see:
    Server Overview:

    Server Statistics (live output, updates every 2 seconds):

    Server File Manager:

    Admin Server Overview:
    API Controls:
    Scheduled Tasks
    User Editable Startup Parameters:
    Advanced Server Configurations:

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  2. I already have Puffer, will the change to this be easy?
  3. It is unknown at this time. We have made a bunch of changes that make it very different from PufferPanel in terms of backend setup. We would love to make this possible, and will try to make it occur, but the this stage I don't want to make any promises.
  4. It has been a heavily requested, and I hope you guys enjoy...

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  5. yes. That GUI looks absolutely amazing, sick work dude.
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  6. Tux


    The UI reminds me heavily of unmodified Foundation
  7. I haven't really used foundation enough to know for sure. Kinda funny though since it is a fairly basic Bootstrap theme, but hey, pretty straightforward to modify to your heart's content!
  8. Going to keep an eye on this, Great work.
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  9. What about Dynmap, Votifier, etc?
    How would they connect?

    I'm already interested in this :D
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  10. You can assign additional IPs and Ports that can be used on a server.
  11. Amazing! ;)
    Will definitely use this.
  12. kottalizer


    I'm glad you're using proper em dashes instead of hyphens in your title and text. That makes your project even more promising, in my eyes.
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  13. Some more updates for everyone following along: server, node, and user management from the Admin CP is feature complete. This means that the major things that we felt needed to be added have been completed.

    We're making leaps and bounds towards an alpha release, and are just working on final things admin wise to make it possible (namely location and service management). Once we have that done we will start alpha build releases to continue testing and looking for bugs in the software as well as continue working on smaller "less essential" features.

    For the time being, here is a screenshot of the node allocation management tab. You can easily add more ports to an IP or a CIDR range of IPs. You can also add individual IPs that are not in any specific range, or different CIDR ranges of IPs. Deleting all ports on an IP is possible, as well as deleting a single port or all free ports on an IP. (Best of all, you can allocate ports and IPs that are already assigned and the panel is smart enough to determine which ones need to be created).

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  14. That's just cool!
    Maybe in settings you can put a "Allow users to get a votifier port"
    and a "Allow users to get a dynmap port"
    So, then they get a button to click
    called "Get Dynmap ports" under a sidebar called "Ports" so the get dynmap ports, generates an unclaimed port that only that server can use.
    And same goes with votifier :p
    If you add this, god love you.
  15. @Latouth you can just assign free ports to servers in the Admin CP so that they can use them as they want rather than having to request additional ports. I do see what you mean though, and once we get more of the core stuff completed I can look into adding a method for servers to request up to # additional ports as they need.

    For example, this server has two ports assigned to it: and 25566. 25565 is assigned as the boot IP/Port, which means it is used when the server starts, and what is used so you can connect to your server. Port 25566 is not used for anything, it is just open on the container so any program running within that container can make use of it (i.e. Votifier or Dynmap).
  16. Smart :p
    Idk, if i were a hosting company a "request port" button would be alot better.
    Because you don't want ALL your ports filled up.
    So like maximum 6 ports for the "Diamond" plan.
    Like, alot of people don't use votifier or dynmap , and those 2 ports you gave them would be used for nothing and which would also limit the host down to the amount of clients per ip.
  17. kottalizer


    You will likely run into other problems before that...
  18. Unless your dedi is like 128gb or something lol
    Then 3 ports per server can fill up quickly.
  19. kottalizer


    What I mean is that it is unlikely your server will be able to cope with 64k+ listeners.
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  20. Well if you assign 3 ports to a server, and most of server's don't use it, then your fine.
    But if you get that, and the last few people try to, they would have no ports to use.