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  1. Ahh well then it's just a troll in my eyes
  2. I have used this panel, the FTP management is poorly made it needs to be fixed otherwise great panel!
  3. Can you explain what you mean? We don't use FTP, I'm assuming you mean SFTP. What part was poorly made there, would like to fix whatever your issue might be.
  4. EWS


    The best server management panel, for sure.
    Multicraft: -1/10
    Pterodactyl: 11/10

    No problems till now and way better interface.
  5. How do you change your server version
    Im bungee cording the the owner messed up
    1 server is 1.8
    the one we want to bungee is 1.12
  6. I've been working on a lot of things with the Panel recently, mostly code refactoring and making things more maintainable in the future. I've also been working on re-designing the existing task system to be much more powerful and making it possible to run multiple commands at once or as part of a single task. The picture below is a good example of what will be possible with the new Scheduler system (which is designed to replace the current 'Task' system).

  7. I suggest to use server events, like when server start, when server stop in the scheduled tasks

    I used to have virtual machine with MineOS that contained servers for local development. Today I moved to Pterodactyl and I don't regret anything! It took more that 1 hour to deploy, because I used the manual installation method, but it was WELL worth it!
    The only thing I miss from MineOS is BuildTools.

    Other than that, it has been great! From a detailed and concise installation manual, to a great interface (and 2FA).

    Thank you for all your work!
  9. Does using pterodactyl reduce performance running in a dockers vs running directly? I'm not trying to start a hosting company but just a panel to use on a single server
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    The overheads of docker are marginal at worse, not even remotely at a level worth caring about
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  11. Sexy! I have used this many times for a few clients, I enjoyed using this panel!
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    no, if anything the isolation will help prevent performance issues with multiple servers.
  13. To add some physical reading to the pile in addition to your comments:

    Obviously this is going to be a slightly different case since they're running within VMWare, but for the most part I think this paper can help quell the misattributed fears and beliefs that Docker impacts performance of servers. There've been users who blame some combination of Docker/Pterodactyl for their servers performing poorly or crashing, but in all cases thus far it has been found that the servers were poorly configured, using plugins that crashed their system, or simply did not have adequate resources assigned to them.

    Once of the core differentiators between software like Multicraft and Pterodactyl is that with Docker containers we are able to set strict resource limits on memory which cause server crashes if the JVM attempts to allocate more than is available within the container. The containers also allow strong network isolation for servers, preventing port stealing or running unauthorized applications in the containers that could allocate ports assigned to other servers.

    Overall the performance impact of using Docker — according to the research I've done over the course of building this software — is nil. In many cases Docker actually improves performance on the system. Even if there is an impact on your system, it is likely insignificant for the software this Panel runs. The benefits of using Docker outweigh any minimal improvements in specific performance areas that might be gained by not using it.
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    Memory limits and people bypassing them with software (just a wrapper like rtkit basically) were one issue I had before with Multicraft, I have a solution in place that I made for now, but people really underestimate how much being able to put hard limits will help in big environments.

    Maybe I should just consider making a move, it's 2018 almost. Unrelated, but I appreciate the work you and the others put into this, still, I wouldn't have thought two years or so ago it would still be maintained as well as it is.
  15. Appreciate the words and support, looking forward to where the project ends up in another 2 years. Our second anniversary was the other day:

    There's things that Multicraft inevitably does better since they are focused on a single game and have been around for significantly longer, but I think in environments where that level of feature can be sacrificed a bit, Pterodactyl excels because of the strong resource management. I'm excited for 0.7 to make it out the door since it will introduce a much better and more flexible code base for enterprise users, and improve some problem areas -- notably SFTP management.
  16. hello
    I am a little lost when creating the node

    I am at this stage:

    when I want to create a node, he asks me to create a location, I do not know what to put and I do not know or find the line of code in the image

    can you explain this step? thank you :)
  17. If you already have a node created (which you do), then you have already created a location for it.
  18. hello, I have a problem with the panel,
    when I'm in the admin panel, I go to servers, when I click on one of the servers present in the list I have an error
    here is some screen



    Panel version 0.6.4
    do you know how to fix this problem?

    and i have a question, is it possible to launch a server without going through the panel, for to use a script
    thank you
  19. Please use our Discord for support, forums are a terrible way to get help for things like this.
  20. [​IMG]

    I am happy to announce that the latest versions of the Panel and Daemon have reached the release candidate phase! This means that they are considered feature complete, and the remaining time before stable release will be spent hunting down remaining bugs, finalizing our test suite, and documenting the API fully. Thank you to our wonderful beta testers who have continued to provide excellent feedback and bug reports that should make our stable release continue smoothly once it is release. For those of you on the beta, or looking to upgrade to the beta, the upgrade guides can be found below. Please remember, just because these are a release candidate does not mean they are bug free, it only means they are feature complete!