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  1. It is with great excitement that I can announce the first stable release of Pterodactyl Panel v0.7, codename Derelict Dermodactylus. This version of Pterodactyl has been under constant development for the last 6 months, meticulously being rewritten to improve our codebase moving forward, address significant underlying bugs in the Daemon architecture, implement a new SFTP subsystem, and focus heavily on improving the Panel you've come to love.

    Today would not be possible without the help of every member of this community, but a special thanks go to our Project Team, the ever-amazing Support Team, and all of you who helped beta test this new version so thoroughly. This release has taken significantly more time than was ever anticipated and for that I apologize. Moving forward there will be much smaller, incremental updates to the Panel, ideally every 2 weeks at most.

    Please be aware that this release completely rewrites how the API works and as such, the existing WHMCS module does not work on this release. If you are reliant on that module please hold off updating until it is upgraded or another module becomes available. Links for upgrades are below, expect a blog post in the coming days showing off why Pterodactyl is now one of the best game-server control panels on the market, and the best open-source solution for your community.


    We will continue to support v0.6.4 for the next while, do not feel that you need to rush to upgrade tonight.
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  2. I've used Pterodactyl for a good minute, nothing but a great experience. The panel is very clean and has so many options compared to others. Other panels aren't even competition for you guys, keep up the great work!
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  3. There was a problem that
    Using filezilla sftp it will duplicate 4 times your files ,and then u cant access files ,its just freeze the panel
    Are u guys aware of this?
  4. They are aware of it, it's also an open issue on Github. Their Discord is the place for support though. :p
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  6. I am really glad with Pterodactyl, Way better than Multicraft etc!
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  7. The cool thing is that they have discord with support channel, support members online..
    you keep looking for support and none answer..
    really cool
    Support? 0/10
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  8. They always seem to reply to me and to everyone else from what I've seen. What did you ask them?
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  9. Problem when creating databases and no plugin is able to connect..
    for some its a common problem, even a guy there told that its a thing..

    even by console no way to connect to mysql.
    i spent more than a week trying to solve it looking over the internet how to connect to mysql from docker (cuz the server runs inside a docker and the mysql is hosted locally in the same machine)

    i tried everything that you can find over there and nothing worked.. and since they are whom that made the ptero with database option they should know how to .. but the fact is that none answered..
    support members were online, devs online, green and red dots.. but none even asked about the problem.. and i saying there my problem..

    not in a rude way.. as im telling here to you..

    So yeah, support is 0/10, none gave a sht to the problem..
    Theres no document giving a tip about how to do it since it may be a hard thing..
    Im looking for other panel. I dont like multicraft and Puffer.. meeehh
    Ptero is great but lacks support..
    also im not the only one that have problem with lack of support from them..

    sorry 'bout my english..

    Best Regards
  10. It's as simple as unbinding MySQL from localhost to listen on
    This isn't really a Pterodactyl issue, but yeah.

    Tag me on the Pterodactyl Discord if you need anything else.
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  11. mine isnt bind to, i cant bind to cuz the mysql wont restart .. it only restart when using any ip than so theres no need, i think to unbind from

    unless you're saying about other place than bind-port oin cnf file

    It isnt a ptero problem at all, but well, ptero has database integration even a panel to create dbs,
    their tutorial gives all steps to install everything.. its a known problem, so why not at least give a tip about?

    im not a totally dumb about it, but, hell, its driving me crazy..
    i just woke up.. 1825 here i'll eat something and i'll there to see if you can help me.. hope so,

    Thanks For Your Time

    Best Regards
  12. You need to use ipv4 ip and configure mysql to accept connections from
  13. They are trying to help, since it isnt a pterodactyl problem at all they dont need to give support. i know but this is a thing.
    im going to change the review bases on the help i received from @CodeCo , David, and Zexceil..
    Appear to me they arent from support team (cuz they arent there) but they tried to help

    No help from support, as i said, isnt a ptero problem, so i think they wont answer to this..

    12/10 not to Pterodactyl support but for the members who were trying to help looking for a better support..
    If i look to support team i still giving 0/10 cuz they did nothing.. AND i keep thinking, why is there 3 support channels, support members (4 onlines but 1 with online status) even 3 project team members online (1 with online) if none appear to care?

    Im reallçy glad for the help the guys gave me, i still having a problem and still looking for a way to make it work

    Im being honest here, im not being rude nor nothing, but i do think the support could give even a word about, even 'sorry but we cant help cuz it isnt pterodactyl related problem'

    all configured but still nothing.. they were trying to help but nothing appear to work
    im gonna let it be and use another host to host mysql dbs and connect there.. cuz im really not able to connect from docker minecraft plugins to localhost mysql, nor even create a db using ptero panel anymore cuz it says the user doesnt have permissions (and the user has).

    Sorry if i didnt make my review better but i told the truth, mine truth about what i saw..
    once more, members did try, ptero support not..

    Im glad for had the guys trying to help me.. its alot when it comes to a time that i dont know what to do anymore..
    but i'll try find a work around

    Thanks In Advance
    Best Regards
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  14. As i said you need to allow remote connections using your local ipv4, i had the same problem and that was the solution
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  15. Yeah, the main problem was that i wasnt able to do it no matter what..
    user had privileges granted and the panel was saying it couldnt create..

    more than 30hrs direct on it last time, ive spent lot of time searching work arounds and nothing..

    Than david came with a thing that ive done before, didnt work at 1st but i started to work on it and voilà..
    The panel accepted im using the ip instead and now its working..

    The problem in saying that i had to use ipv4 is i was tired already of trying many things, sleepy and so..
    i was in need of a direct point and walk through..

    You know when you full of a thing and cant think about it anymore.. that you need someone to draw a thing that you know?

    Well :) twas me
    i did it before.. didnt work, dunno why.. anyway..
    They helped me alot being patient
    Im happy :)
  16. Keep in mind that the support team is most likely voluntarily, you don't get paid and they're probably not always going to look in the support chat, same thing with the project team members. Pterodactyl is also a free, open-source project so I don't see a reason to "rate" the support.
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  17. Oh, one information that i didnt have :)
    But well, even if they are doing voluntarily theres still a support and since theres it they should at least do what they are meant for..
    If not, theres no need to have a support rank, the guys who helped me arent from support, they did cuz they wanted to..

    If you dont have time to be support dont ask for, dont be a support
    If you know it, dont say you have one..

    Its my opinion, dont get me wrong, im not being rude nor nothing..
    I got you, i understand, but again, since theres a support they should at least try act as or be demoted from the rank..

    Better, delete support rank and let members help each other.. I wouldnt 'complain' for this.
    Maybe a statement saying that theres no official support, that the support relies on members that wants to help.

    Theres 3 Support Channels, theres Support members and i shouldnt expect get help a support from them just cuz they are doing it for free?

    No, i should expect being helped from them. If they are there (support members) people should 'rate' their support.

    They dont state to have support, its fair and i get it but well, just read above.

    They have docs, no flaws, im very satisfied with it, since im able to use google if i dont know. (i really hate people who likes to ask instead try find it first by his own)

    I spent almost a week on it trying to find by myself a work around, had a time i was more than 30h w/o sleep looking here and there and nothing..
    I went there for help and some non support members tried at first but they just left the help after 2 or 3 lines and i kept waiting.. its fine since they arent from support team.

    Second time, none answered, they were talking, they saw my line asking for help and nothing.. its fine since they arent from support team..

    a 3rd time and the same thing..

    Only after making a review here i got a help from @CodeCo and going there, David came to help.
    I knew my problem wasnt a pterodactyl problem at all, but try to get me here.
    I have a problem related to you system, its a known problem, so it may be easier to you to give better directions, isnt?
    They(support) dont have to help me, they arent obligate to, but well, at least show that you're there and give a line on it.. "Sorry but we cant give a proper support/help cuz it isnt a pterodactyl issue"

    Id be satisfied, when i went there after CodeCo saying that he could try give a help david told me that, it wasnt a pterodactyl problem and he even told he would give me a free help on it (no charge).. And i found it amazing.. not the fact he wasnt going to charge me, but the fact he was being sincere.
    Same for CodeCo, whom wanted to show me that i can get help from there..

    Those whose are said to be support, pffff.
    Those whose arent, mastered it.

    Im happy by having a support, by having them spent their time helping me, i changed my review here from Theres no Support to Dont expect support from support team, but know that some members will try to do their best to help you.

    They do have support email, doesnt appear to work at all.. should i rate it instead?
    "Use discord for better and fast support"

    I want to make one thing clear
    The service is amazing, id pay for it if it werent free, theres no paid service better than pterodactyl
    Ive left my mc host cuz they changed to multicraft cuz they werent able to handle pterodactyl PTDL error message, im running ptero and never had a problem, which makes me think they(host members/support) werent capable to configure it right and instead trying to do it they changed for a paid one, which doesnt delivers a good service at all..

    Last thing, please dont get me wrong, im not trying to start an argue here, im not being rude, im just sharing my 2 cents about what i saw from my exclusive PoV.

    Some may agree (some did), some not, some may not care.
    Im not doing it based on rage/hate/etc
    You can see this cuz (i think) im being polited and fair about my thoughts and im not attacking rudely .

    Sorry for the long post
    no potato Today
    Im lying
  18. electronicboy

    IRC Staff

    Your entire rambling post is around the expectation that those who have the support role (which is there more to show that they're a good source of support and are generally active) aren't sat around eager to provide you free support 24/7, like everybody else in the world, shamefully they have other jobs and responsibilities which mean that they can't be around all the time.
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  19. As i said, if you cant do what you're meant for.. quit
    IF they are there and they are called support.. oh.. they have support roles just cuz its cool..
    This is a shame.. saying that they have right of being support and doing nothing...

    Most are acting like fanboys..
    The reality is that.. theres no support, they shouldnt be there as support members..
    members are helping more than the support named members..

    FACT, deal with it..

    Pterodactyl Panel Is Amazing btw
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  20. Alright so If I'm a support employer I would need to standby for you 24/7? Even when I'm off work?
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