Pterodactyl Panel — The Next Generation of Free Multi-Server Management. (Now with WHMCS Support)

Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by Fishfish0001, Jan 6, 2016.

  1. They have a 'Support Team' tag because they've either been around from the very beginning, or have shown that they are competent, mature, and logical problem solvers. This isn't a company, its a free product, provided with an open-source license, and significantly better documentation than many other free products of this size. I'm sorry that someone didn't hop right on and help you who had a colorful username, but no one in this community is expected to be around 24/7, and every one of us has school, work, or other more important obligations to attend to.

    Pterodactyl is a project that I am insanely proud of, but I would never let it affect my family, other hobbies, or career. Your attitude is that of entitlement, and frankly a slap in the face to everyone who goes out of their way to provide free support in the face of a startling number of users demanding immediate 24/7 attention.
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