Pterodactyl Panel

Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by AnonymityRabbit, Apr 3, 2019.

  1. Hello,

    I was wondering if the Pterodactyl panel is recommended and if it will cause server lag / have poor security like Multicraft?

    Also, if my network was large (750 players, random giant number), is pterodactyl recommended or should I roll with just the default Debian Linux?

    Thank you, any other info is nice as well.
  2. Pterodactyl had some serious security issues but they were fixed pretty fast.
  3. What do you think about my other questions?
  4. If you're going to host over 700 players it's recommended to split the load over several machines instead of using just one system.
  5. Really?
    I’ve seen a friends server run about 600, peaking at 705, using the MC-64 OC dedi from OVH @ 20TPS
  6. Both of these statements are true. I would generally recommend to split things over multiple machines, just for the sake of availability, but it's also easily possible to run 600+ players on an MC 64 OC from OVH. They're very powerful machines, so yeah.
  7. What’s your thoughts on Pterodactyl?

    I can utilize the Debian kernel but I hate it and like something which is more of an easy of access.
  8. I agree. I'm using Ptero for the time being simply for the sake of simplicity and easy access. It works great.
  9. Alright cool. Thank you.
  10. On this topic, is Ubuntu or Debian reccomended?

    I am running the same box as stated above.
  11. Either one works. I use ubuntu server 16.04 since 18 does not really work well for me.
  12. I utilize Debian as it is a bit easier for me but again, to hell with that lol.
    The rabbit needs the panel.