Pterodactyl Ram Issue

Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by Harveh, May 30, 2020.

  1. Hello!

    I just installed Pterodactyl and been testing it and when the server reaches the maximum ram it hangs, doesn't crash or timeout and drops in cpu usage and have to kill it and start it back up. Now, of course we can add so much ram it won't hang but is Pterodactyl set by default to hang when memory maxes out? Possibly didn't enable/disable something in the setup? I'm just confused as I looked it up and haven't found a issue online anywhere thus far and assume this isn't normal as others would voice about it as well. I have been using multicraft for years and just decided to switch over but when using multicraft, it never hanged, just maybe crashed or had lag when memory maxed out and tried to come back. That's why I'm a little confused and curious how and why this happens.

    The server testing specs:
    Ram: 1GB Ram
    Processor: i9900k

    Server hangs at 104.5% or 1045MB.

    Much Appreciated!
  2. Pterodactyl has a discord for support. Use it.
  3. Firstly, Java uses extra ram on top of the set xms and xmx, so for example if you set xmx to 1024Mb(1Gb) you must set pterodactyl's ram about 1Gb higher, in this case between 1500Mb to 2048Mb(Source:

    Secondly, the server is killed when it exceeds that amount of ram because you have OOM killer enabled. Its a function that stops the server when its ram usage exceeds the set ram cap. With it disabled, the server would place the extra ram used in the system's swap file.
  4. That is correct, My recommendation is to lower it by 500-1000MB if it is 5GB and lower
    and if it is higher 1000-1500MB