public ip keeps changing solved i think

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  1. Hello i am starting a server that i want to run on my other pc but my public ip keeps on changing is there anyway to keep my public ip the same so my subdomain works
  2. Using a so called "Dynamic DNS". Point your own subdomain to that one and it will work

    Like points to your public IP and your normal subdomain points with a CNAME to the no-ip domain.
  3. so do i just have to create an account and follow some steps or something could you maybe send me a video on how to set it up
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    Yes, that's how Dynamic DNS services work. If you have a good router then they probably have a setting to update dynamic DNS providers built in, otherwise you'll have to run a separate program to update it.

    That's unlikely to work outside of your own LAN as most ISP will not respect static IPs from the client, especially as static IPs are usually a paid option with your internet plan.
  5. Some ISP in France don't have Option of Static IP for Personal Offer
    I didn't have this problem But that's the case for Bouygues Telecom and some offer on Orange network
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    Most ISPs anywhere don't offer statics to residential accounts. It sucks. I wanted statics to run my own servers, so I had to go with a Comcast business account where I pay $180 a month to get a 5 static IP block and 150/25 Mbps connection. Freaking pricey for that little speed, but they know they have you over a barrel. (sigh)