Spigot PumpkinTag Minigame [Paid] 1.2.2

Run, steal the pumpkin or die!

  1. SliderKP submitted a new resource:

    PumpkinTag [-75%] Funny! - Run, steal the pumpkin or die!

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  2. We are working on this! the best Tag event!!!! =D
  3. What happen to your tnttag plugin?....
    #5 malachiel, Nov 24, 2015
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  4. Why is this premium? We have plugins like tnt tag as Mal said:
  5. Btw the original tnttag now is open source (and being fixed) and this author tried to release it as premium in Spigot... and was being deleted, i just reported this resource, for code check
  6. I'm the developer, this is my work! TNT Tag and Pumpkin Tag is very different event, see the description.

    EDIT: it's premium like another plugins, why exist premium resources? Report whatever you want, no problem, this is my work, SliderKP only posted as i requested...
    TNT-Tag is not fixed, has a serious concurrent problem in code, see comments on plugin post...
    #8 Eni6ma, Nov 24, 2015
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  7. Vault integration comming soon!
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  8. Its pretty stupid for a paid plugin, not trying to upset...
  9. They removed the payment
  10. We are working on new features to this plugin!
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  11. I can't download it...
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