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    Punish Menu - An easy way to punish players (ban, kick, warn, tempban, etc)

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    1.4.5 - Reasons

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  3. Hmm... I feel like I have seen and downloaded something like this, it was free and was also called something with "Punish" in the title.

    You didnt copy it did you? :eek:
  4. Nevermind, I read your little note at the bottom.
  5. Lol. In the future please read before you make accusations.
  6. When you will add the support for MySQL?

    Do you have added banip and support UUID?
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  9. I will be working on the MySQL support today, about to start it actually. And no I don't have an IP ban feature, But i could add it if wanted.
  10. Thanks! and please add IP Ban and UUID Support.
  11. The plugin already works with UUID's :3 I'll work on MySQL and IP banning,
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  12. Thanks!, and sorry
  13. How I open the GUI?
  14. If 'RequireReason' is false in the config then /punish <player>
    else its /punish <player> <reason>
  15. It would be great if you could make the clear chat option available through a command so its convenient. At the moment its a hassle to have to warn a player then go through like 2 different menus to simply clear chat. Thanks for taking your time reading this suggestion keep up the good work! :D
  16. I plan to make the clearchat item in the menu for the specified player only, and then maybe have a command for global chat clear
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  17. Oh ok sounds great.
  18. Here are some more suggestions....

    • Warnings reset after a certain period of time for everyone (Configurable)
    • Global chat clear
    • Instead of just TEMPBAN,BAN,MUTE,KICK you should be able to run commands on max warnings
    • There should be a command for the player alone to be able to check their previous offenses
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    1.7.2 - [Beta] MySQL & Pre-IP Ban Update

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