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  1. If you see any problems or issues don't hesitate to tell me, Same with suggestion; I'm going to update shortly as I forgot to do the previous offenses of a player in the /punish check command
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  2. Of course, Just thinking about how I'm going to go about doing it.
  3. Ok great thanks!
  4. No problem, I'm glad you like the plugin. (I think :p)
  5. GrimReaper52498 updated Punish Menu with a new update entry:

    1.7.5 - Efficient MySQL

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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  6. Remember ('BanIP'). Thanks for MySQL.
  7. IP Banning is next on my list, just wanted to get MySQL done and out of the way :p
  8. Well, Im not sure what item to use for IP Banning, any suggestions?
  9. ┬┐Jukebox?
  10. I'm just gonna go with a Barrier, Which means anything from this update forward will only work on 1.8 and above.
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  11. Haha that could work too xD we both posted at the same time
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  12. While you continue to do a good job, I do not care if it's a horse egg xDD
  13. In preparation for the IPBan update, update your messages.yml so it looks like this: (Note the new variable and three new messages)
    Code (Text):
    #Here is where you can customize the messages
    # %player% = Name of the punisher
    # %target% = Name of the player being punished
    # %reason% = Reason for punishment
    # %warnings% = Amount of warnings the player has
    # %warningsToAction% = Amount of warning until the action defined in the config.yml is taken
    #%muteTimeLeft% = Amount of time until a player is unmuted
    #%player_displayname% = Display name of the player
    #%target_displayname% = Target displayname (Will only be the targets name if they're offline!)
    #%ip% = Targets IP address
    #Please use common sense when using variables.... Obviously things like %target% wont work in the ChatCleared messages...

    #Prefix to be put in front of the messages
    Prefix: '&8&l[&c&lPunish&8&l] &r&l'

    #Messages to be broadcasted server wide upon punishment

        Ban: '&c&l%target% &7&lhas been banned by &c&l%player% &7&lfor: &c&l%reason%'
        Mute: '&c&l%target% &7&lhas been muted by &c&l%player% &7&lfor: &c&l%reason%'
        Kick: '&c&l%target% &c&lhas been kicked by &c&l%player% &7&lfor: &c&l%reason%'
        Warn: '&c&l%target% &c&lhas been warned by &c&l%player% &7&lfor: &c&l%reason%'
        TempBan: '&c&l%target% &c&lhas been TempBanned by &c&l%player% &7&lfor: &c&l%reason%'
        ChatCleared: '&7&lChat was cleared by &c&l%player%'
        IpBan:  '&c&l%player% &7&lbanned IP &c&l%ip%'

    #Messages to be sent to the player upon being punished

        Ban: '&7&lYou have been banned by &c&l%player% &7&lfor &c&l%reason%'
        Mute: '&7&lYou have been muted by &c&l%player%&7&l for &c&l%muteTimeLeft% minutes&7&l.'
        Kick: '&7&lYou have been kicked by &c&l%player% &7&lfor &c&l%reason%'
        Warn: '&7&lYou have been warned by &c&l%player%&7&l.'
        TempBan: '&7&lYou have been tempbanned by &c&l%player% &7&lfor &c&l%reason%'
        IpBan:  '&c&lYou were IP Banned!'
    #Messages to be sent to the punisher

        Ban: '&7&lYou have banned &c&l%target%&7&l.'
        Mute: '&7&lYou have muted &c&l%target%&7&lfor &c&l%muteTimeLeft% minutes&7&l..'
        Kick: '&7&lYou have kicked &c&l%target%&7&l.'
        Warn: '&7&lYou have warned &c&l%target%&7&l.'
        TempBan: '&7&lYou have tempbanned &c&l%target%&7&l.'
        Unmute: '&7&lYou''ve unmuted &c&l%target%'
        Unban: '&7&lYou''ve unbanned &c&l%target%'
        Unwarn: '&7&lYou''ve cleared the warns of &c&l%target%'
        ChatCleared: '&a&lChat cleared!'
        IpBan:  '&7&lYou banned the IP &c&l%ip%'

    #Below is the color scheme of the /punish check command.
        Header: '&8&m-&c&m=&8&m-&c&m=&8&m&m-&c&m=&8&m-&c&m=&8&m-&c&m=&8&m-&c&m=&8&m-&c&m=&8&m-&c&m=&8&m-&c&m=&8&m-&c&m=&8&m-&c&m=&8&m-&c&m=&8&m-&c&m=&8&m-&c&m=&8&m-&c&m=&8&m-&c&m=&8&m-&c&m=&8&m-&c&m=&8&m-&c&m=&8&m-&c&m=&8&m-&c&m=&8&m-&c&m=&8&m-&c&m=&8&m-&c&m=&8&m-&c&m=&8&m-&c&m=&8&m-'
        Footer: '&8&m-&c&m=&8&m-&c&m=&8&m&m-&c&m=&8&m-&c&m=&8&m-&c&m=&8&m-&c&m=&8&m-&c&m=&8&m-&c&m=&8&m-&c&m=&8&m-&c&m=&8&m-&c&m=&8&m-&c&m=&8&m-&c&m=&8&m-&c&m=&8&m-&c&m=&8&m-&c&m=&8&m-&c&m=&8&m-&c&m=&8&m-&c&m=&8&m-&c&m=&8&m-&c&m=&8&m-&c&m=&8&m-&c&m=&8&m-&c&m=&8&m-&c&m=&8&m-&c&m=&8&m-'
        StatName: '&c&l'
        StatField: '&7&l'

    #Other messages that dont fall in the above categories

       Error: '&c&lSomething went wrong, sorry about that.'
       NoPermission: '&c&lYou don''t have permission  to do that..'
       ConsoleSender: 'You have to be in-game to do this.'
       Reload: '&a&lReload complete.'
       SpecifyReason: '&c&lYou must specify a reason for punishment!'
       NotOnline: '&c&l%target% &7&lis not online!'
       CantChat: '&4&lYou''re muted for &c&l%muteTimeLeft% &4&lminutes.'
       Unmuted: '&a&lYou''re now unmuted!'


    Also, the player you want to IP ban will have had to of atleast joined your server one time for his/her IP to get saved as you can't get the Ip of an Offline Player.

    And now I leave you with this screenshot ;D

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  14. When you do /punish check it does display the information about your account but at the bottom is says a internal error as occurred and this is what appears in console.
  15. That error is fixed and will be released with the new update

    Same as above, Its fixed and will be released with the new update.

    Now for an update on the update, Ive started the ipbanning system but it looks like it somehow broke the MySQL features, I got them back to working order it seems but with certain things like /punish check it will throw an error and must be run a couple times to get the data, Im working on a way to cache the data when the payer joins so that doesnt happen, But to be completely honest Im still relatively new to MySQL and all that so it may be a little bit, that and im also working on things for my server.
  16. Is the plugin susposed to cause lag and crashes without MySQL enabled?