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  1. It shouldn't, It never has for me. I will be updating this soon, I'm just slowing development on all my plugins until my server is finished (within the next week or so) I want to get it out of the way so I can focus more on development of the plugins, sorry if this is a problem for anyone, but believe me this plugin will not die off this early.
  2. When you will add the translations of menu? And you fix the past error?

    Thanks :)
  3. Plugin seemed alright until my server started crashing every 15 minutes. Contacted support for my hosting provider, and just as I thought, after some further investigation, it turned out that this plugin was crashing my server. That being said, great plugin, but a complete waste of $5, and an entire night spent battling for control of my own server, as well as a ton of really ticked off players. I don't suggest anyone give this a second thought until this issue is resolved.

    Per your previous comment, this plugin isn't dead. It's deadly. If this isn't fixed soon, I'd like a refund, unless of course, that's beneath you, and you, like some people, "don't do that".
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  4. As stated above, I will be updating this plugin when I get the chance to, you should read discussion posts and especially since there was a Note on the front page with that post. Just bear with me for a bit, and I guarantee I will fix the issues. Even if it means a full rewrite, I will do what is necessary. I have al;ot of things going on at the moment and everything should be cleared up and out of the way by next week, just alot of personal issues.
  5. does this work for 1.7.2?
  6. I understand. Perhaps you should make that more clear? Maybe, put in big red bold letters: This plugin is not yet functional. It will crash your server. Please do not download it until further notice.
  7. It is functional.. As i had previously stated this plugin has run fine on my server for some time now and has given me no issues. And again as previously stated, when I have the chance I will update it and make sure everything is working properly, you will get your moneys worth in the end. Believe me.
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  8. I sure do hope so. I love your idea, but it has major bugs. Fix that, and I'll happily rate this a 5/5.
  9. Well, I would like to thank the people that have purchased the plugin and giving me some good (and some not so good) news about the plugins. Heres whats going to happen. I pan to strip the MySQL of the portion out and redesign it entirely to be more efficient and server friendly, and to test this I'm thinking about setting up a test server and giving the ip here, you can join and warn, kick, mute and all (Banning will be disabled for obvious reasons)that with MySQL on to also help me test it for further development, if a few people respond back saying there interested in doing it then i will do so.
  10. Yea ill help just not until later since its fathers day. Maybe pm me a skype name or some other way of fast communication would be great.
  11. Itl will be within the next few days while i do the recode
  12. Ah ok
  13. I help you testing :p
  14. ¿Any updates?
  15. I'm going to take MySQL out of the plugin completely for a few updates. It will come back in a later update, I just want to get the SQL and Caching portion done (And working properly) while at the same time updating the plugin for IP banning and that, I will probably release this update tomorrow maybe, if everything goes well.
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  16. Can we get an update on how everything is going? Thanks! :)
  17. Sorry about that, I had a small mishap with my laptop which i use for devloping and it wont charge or turn on, although i did manage to put the files on a flash drive with the 10% of battery life it had left when it stopped charging, I took all the SQL stuff out, but it seems the plugins isn't counting down times and I have no clue why, I'm going to do a bit of debugging and hsould have the update done by tomorrow morning at the latest, sorry for the inconvenience!
  18. Ok thanks for the update
  19. Okay, I fixed the countdown, turns out Eclipse wasnt updating any of the code I was writing, So Ive got most of everything working now, I just have a few smaller tweaks and adjustments to do, which I will do in the morning as it is currently 4:30 am, but rest assured, the update will be tomorrow, all this update has is MySQL removed and IPBanning added along with a few internal things, after i get this update complete I will work on making the menu customizable (names, and possibly item locations) and MySQL so the next update after this one may take a bit longer but will be worth it in the end I think.
  20. I've decided once this update is done, I'm just going to completely rewrite the plugin, because looking back on most of the code, I could have done things so much better and of course there's always room for improvement, I will be uploading the update shortly, I think a few things may not work properly (I've noticed you can only warn online players, I honestly don't know why) but it is functional for its intended use, and I will start a rewrite later, and pretty much every suggestion that has been given so far will be taken into account, this time when i write the plugin the main focus will be usability, performance, and customization, things like item names and placement, FULL customization over messages and MySQL functionality are all planned. This update may take a few days, but without MySQL now, the plugin should not lag and should be usable for all servers, (I'm testing it on a 512MB server with a constant 20TPS so it should be good), Another thing to note is that I could not test IP Banning as I do not have another account. So if it works, it works, if it doesn't, then you'll have to wait for the new update, if you have any comments or suggestions feel free to give them. I'll keep everyone updated as to the progress of the rewrite and I hope this is understandable as to what I'm trying accomplish by rewriting the plugin. Again, I'd love to hear more suggestions, I will be periodically checking this thread for some as I write the plugin.

    TL;DR: Don't be lazy, read it :p There's important information in there regarding the plugin.