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    1.8.0 - IP Banning, Removal of MySQL

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  3. I had read , but to say about "days" How long is it?
  4. Im rewriting the entire plugin from scratch... This current one I spent about 8 hours on. Just depends I guess, Could be anywhere from 1 day to 1 week (hopefully not) I estimate about 2 days.
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  5. You could basically use ChestCommands to re-create this.
  6. Thanks! :)
  7. Okay? But some people don't have the time or the patience for it. And you'd also need multiple plugins for all of these features which is pointless when you can have them all in one plugin. Just saying.And actually last time I checked this wasn't possible with ChestCommands for the simple fact that I do not think you can specify a player to open when using the command with it, there for the concept would be pointless to attempt with ChestCommands.
  8. No need to be negative, they have a great plugin here. But in short, no it's not possible with ChestCommands as there is no way to type in an IGN/Reason for the punishment.
  9. Just a heads up, development will be paused for the next day or so, I have plans so I will not be home to work on it, I will continue work on it as soon as I can.
  10. I will not make one negative review of the plugin, but note that we have been waiting long for this plugin. If you 're not really going to be able to support not make paid plugins.

    22 days...
  11. And I have updated the plugin to where it is working for the time being, I've not had a break from developing in weeks, whether it be for private plugins or this one, I'm taking ONE day off to go enjoy myself with some friends, I have things I have to do outside of Minecraft and Spigot, Its summer time, one day wont kill anybody, think about it from my point of view, I'm using my time to make plugins for you guys to make you happy, along with the fact that it does get very stressful when doing so, trust me, A break will help me get the plugin done faster, If I continue to just work on it nonstop I'm going to not want to do it anymore there for development and support for it gets dropped sooner, If you want me to still be into developing updates for it then I need to take a break every once in a while, It just gets so repetitive and I know people want it updated to their liking but take into account the hard work and effort the dev's put into their plugins this doesn't just go for my plugin, it goes for everyone's people don't think of things from our perspective sometimes.. All in all. The plugin WILL get done, I guarantee you that, the fact of the matter is you just need to bear with me while it happens.
  12. Any news? I want this, but I don't want to buy it when it is still incomplete.
  13. Its not incomplete. Everything still works, there are a few bugs but which plugins dont have at least one bug, but the update I'd say is about 20% would be more but I ran into a bunch of issues with Maven which took me about a day to fix them all, but trust me, It will be done, and this time it will be done the way I originally intended the plugin to be, The menu items will be fully customizable. Along with every message. And basically every other aspect of the plugin that can be made customizable. So I don't want to rush the the developing else I may miss and or break things in the plugin. I will continue to keep this discussion and all who may still be interested in the plugin updated every time I develop a key feature into the plugin
  14. Rewrite Update: I've added and gotten SQL working, data storage is complete, and other internal things, as of right now here is what is left for me to do before the plugin is released in the order I will do them:

    1.) Data Caching from the MySQL server (Done)
    2.) Create the language file. (70% complete)
    3.) Create the punish menu
    4.) Create more options menu
    5.) Counting down
    6.) Commands
    7.) Finish the API (Something new, I will explain in further detail later.)
    7.) Testing

    While It may seem like a lot to do, quite honestly the thing that will take the longest is testing, that way I can thoroughly make sure everything works correctly. I will be editing this post for news rather than creating new ones. I promise this plugin will definitely be worth this wait!
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  15. All the screenshots on the overview page are broken. Please fix. And is there a way to punish players via jailing?
  16. I have to contact the person that made the art in order to get them, and no currently there is no jailing.
  17. Can we have an update on the recode?
  18. 1.) Data Caching from the MySQL server (Done)
    2.) Create the language file. (Done)
    2.5) Create menu language file (Done)
    3.) Create the punish menu (70% Done)
    4.) Create more options menu (23% Done)
    5.) Counting down (No Longer Needed)
    6.) Commands (40% Done)
    7.) Finish the API ( 50% Done; Something new, I will explain in further detail later.)
    8.) Testing (Always in progress)

    All the percentages are based off of working code and how much is left before it is fully functional
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  19. [​IMG]

    Thoughts on the new default menu? Everything is customisable on it, items, item placement, item name, item lore. If anyone is interested I will show the new and menu.yml so you can tweak them how you'd like before the update