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Discussion in 'Resource Discussion' started by GrimReaper52498, Jun 10, 2015.

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    2.0.3 - Countdown hotfix

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  2. Add a JAIL punishment to the GUI and you can take my money. I want this plugin, But not if it can't Jail players.
  3. I plan to work on making a jailing system once this update is completed. Might take a little longer than normal as every piece of the jailing will be built into the plugin (Jail spawn, etc.) to remain an independent plugin
  4. Well, why not actually just base it off the plugin that is already made? Or maybe if you make it configureable in the config so everyone can use what jail plugin they want.

    Kinda like this:

    # Jailing
    #If disabled, Jailing won't appear in the punish menu.
    useJail: <true/false>
    #Command used to jail the <player>
    - '/jail <player> -time 10 minutes -reason Spamming'

    The above example only needs a "<player" place holder. Seems pretty simple and self-explanatory. Lemme know what you think!
  5. Hmm I guess I could do that, I just dont like having to use other plugins ya know? But hey Ill do that and then make my own jailing system later down the road.
  6. Yaaassss!

    *gives you cookies without milk*
  7. :( I want milk~! But ca cookies a cookie sooo *shrugs and eats cookies*

    Also I should probably point out that after next update since the plugin will be pretty well feature packed I plan to raise the price a bit. not sure how much though... So if plans are made to buy It I would do so before then.
  8. GrimReaper52498 updated Punish Menu with a new update entry:

    2.1.0 - Reasons, Jailing, Fun, Price Change and more!

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  9. can you make it where we can use our own ban system like Ban Managment to ban, tempban, ect
  10. bugs: Staff can take items from the menu. Like the jail bars and the more options menu. All you have to do is drag them into your inventory.
  11. @xH3LLRAIZ3Rx
    I plan to add support allowing for you to chose which plugin you want to handle your punishments. (Essentials, BanManager, or Punish itself.)


    They shouldn't be able to? Can I see the error from console?
  12. There is no error. You simply take the items from the GUI. I'm not sure what else to explain. Only certain items though. The Jail Bars and the more options menu.

    Also, could you add to the Jailing feature? I know you are implementing your own Jailing system but for now could you make it so I can place the %reason% in the Jail command? Also, It would be nice if we could choose time severity like muting and banning. :)
  13. I've tested this on my test server and It doesn't allow me to do it... :/ without being able to recreate the problem I don't think I can fix it... Actually... Give me a bit.. I have an idea as to what maybe causing it.. As for the Jail I will look into adding timed items in the menu. Im not going to add too much to jailing until I get my own system done for it.
  14. Make sure you ate in survival when you attempt to take items out of it. If you can't recreate it then let me know. I'll have you hop on my server to show you.

    When are you gonna use that computer logo? I've been exited to see it on the page. I was going to ask you if you needed any more art for any other plugin.
  15. I may start looking for other developers to help maintain the project. If you're interested let me know! I may also start looking for people to test the project as well, if you're interested in this let me know. You must have already bought the plugin.
  16. Yeah, I'm down to be a tester.
  17. I'm using the latest version but I get a message every time I join saying that I am one version behind.

    Also, I know this may sound picky, But the update message is quite annoying. One simple line letting me know there is an update is efficient enough. The message that is displayed now is too much in my opinion.