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    Rule 1 of the forums is literally to keep content respectful, but the reviews this plugin is receiving are far from respectful. It’s hard to miss the 100k download plugin when scrolling though, so I refuse to believe that not a single staff member has seen this. The reviews range from calling the plugin shit, calling for its deletion, all the way to harassing the author and calling him shit. Staff needs to step up their game and punish these people who can’t even follow rule 1. There are too many reviews to punish them all, so at least punish the repeat offenders such as @JoeyPlayzTV who frequently insults the author just because he knows what Java is.

    Please remove this toxicity from the forums, it leaves a bad taste in the mouth of anyone who reads it.
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  2. report the resource and say "Blah blah reporting <user> for mean review"
    and move on.... no need to create a post like this.
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  3. +1
  4. There is a need for this, actually. The resource has existed since 2017, and yet nothing has been done. Please give me your reasoning as to why this isn’t a problem that the staff team is blatantly ignoring. It seems like a laziness thing, not wanting to be the one to dish out all of the punishments. If you see it as something else, please give your reasoning, if not, then begin reporting it as your post suggests.
  5. Actually stuff has been done.
    Choco previously locked the thread, warned the dev (long story), and even removed a shit ton of reviews.

    Got an issue, report it. Posting a thread like this isn't going to solve any issues.
  6. That’s like saying “think the president is doing something wrong, email him”. Public attention to an issue is MUCH more powerful that a singular report, even you know that.
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  7. Optic_Fusion1

    Resource Staff

    inb4 staff comes and says to do what @ShaneBee said
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  8. I know i leave 1 star reviews.
    They are genuine though.
  9. Optic_Fusion1

    Resource Staff

    Long story? Not really, the message @Choco made sums it up pretty well

    "I'm going to lock this thread for now. I'll open it again when the author decides to grow up. As for your updates, start making meaningful changes or we'll consider these updates as spam and delete them.

    EDIT: I've also removed a lot of the recent reviews because they're nothing but spam. Review the resource however you'd like but at least let it be about the resource, not the author and their practices."
  10. Well clearly the last time action was taken, it didn’t work. Action needs to be taken again, and in a more impactful way, as to avoid future problems. If staff say to report it and move on, then that just shows pure laziness and the unwanted to deal with a clear problem on behalf of the entire staff team.
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  11. Optic_Fusion1

    Resource Staff

    I mean, when all the author does is reply with "Jealous and Jealous!" and denying that he makes fake updates sometimes among other things and just acts childish in general, yea it can be hard to take the author and resource seriously
  12. You're sitting here telling people to follow the rules, and be nice to others.... all the while bashing SpigotMC staff?

    ffs.... takes a special kinda stupid right there!
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  13. Am I bashing them or calling them out? You’re just making yourself look immature at this point. Please only reply to this thread if the door to leave is locked. You made your point known, no need to call people stupid lmao.
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  14. Sorry, I must have gotten confused with your extreme professionalism with the way you conducted yourself in this thread
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  15. So because the author is childish that gives the people writing the reviews the right to break the rules? I see..
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  16. Optic_Fusion1

    Resource Staff

    I never said it was okay to break the rules, all i said is it that it's hard to take the resource & author seriously because of the author
  17. I haven't tried that plugin, but from the comments, I can see that's it's probably very bad. I don't even get what's wrong with most of these reviews, if the plugin is so bad that it visibly lags the server, and the author constantly bumps it with two code lines of update. Yeah, it's a shitty plugin and it should be deleted.

    The idea of re-creating essentials in skript is in all fairness stupid, that's not what skript is meant for.

    Maybe the author didn't know first time he posted this, but after 114 updates he should know better.

    (I'm not justifying that people are telling him to kill himself)
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  18. Choco



    We can not see everything on the website. We do not spend our afternoons browsing the resource section. We will not tolerate public threads witch hunting specific users or resources. The only way you can get our attention to something, rather than making it public, is to use the report system we have in place and let us handle it. Clearly I've handled it in the past, I will more than happily handle it now. If you're not willing to make use of the system we provide to get our attention, how can you complain that we're not doing our job? Our ability to do our job relies entirely on the responsibility of the users to bring this content to our attention. Do your part, we'll do ours.

    Thank you to the one person that reported the resource. One that did not even participate in this thread.

    Thread locked.
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