Resource Punisher 1.0 for Spigot 1.11.2

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  1. [Punisher 1.0]

    Hi, here is a plugin to make the kids rage.

    Simply execute the "/punisher list" command to see the list of punishments.
    Click on the name of the punishment in the chat to suggest the command, then you just have to insert the names of the targeted player.

    The punishment list :
    • die : kill to target player
    • auto-damage : returns the player's hits
    • blew-mining : create an explosion or the player to mined.
    • regenerate : replaces the block that the player has mined.
    • sky : teleport the player in the sky.
    • wither : surprise for the justice man.
    Example command : /pusnisher die NeutronStars

    Plugin developed by NeutronStars and LightDiscord for the Competition organized by Gravenilvec in a time defined.

    Sources :

    - Download .jar
    - Sources

    Good Game all,

    NeutronStars and LighDiscord
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  2. I'm pretty sure this isn't the place where you're supposed to publish plugins.
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