Punishment Management Plugin

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  1. I'm wondering if anyone knows a plugin for managing a server using /ban /tempban /tempmute /kick /ipban etc. and one that allows me to check when players were punished and by who, essentially I want the ban management plugin but for a single server, ban management is meant for bungeecord servers and I own a stand alone server, Thanks.
  2. Seems pretty great, thanks
  3. Banmanager?
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  4. Ban manager is not for bungee cord. It can be used for either bungee or a single server
  5. MCGsecurity is a brand new SKRIPT plugin that is growing to make this all possible :)
  6. You Sir, Make no sense.
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  7. Thread resolved,
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  8. If you have bungeecord i strongly suggest BungeeAdminTools it has gban gkick gmute(everything global) a warn system including global and a server only ban/kick/warn etc. thus really the best what bungee has to offer, only think u need is a bungeecord server, thats the only thing that really matters, but it works very well, and you can customize somewhat how the /warn works when it mutes etc.

    EDIT: and its load up and play essentially.