Spigot PunishSystem 1.4.0

The most efficient player enforcer out there

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    PunishSystem - The most efficient player enforcer out there

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  2. Look nice but the new download link is broken, seriously.. Why not upload the plugin to Spigot instead of linking a external website?
  3. The new download link works fine. It was moved from a free website builder to my own hosted website. If you attempt to o to the old link it will redirect you to the new website
  4. That's what I tried to did and it just gave me a 404
  5. When I tested it, it worked just fine, I'll try and see what's wrong.
  6. Sorry, I forgot to tell you. I manged to fix it ;P
  7. Alright, thanks, I'm working on getting a direct link as the new website is created by me, and I'm still learning CSS/html