Spigot PunishUI Alpha - 0.3

Administration Manager

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    PunishUI - Administration Manager

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  2. Add a a tnt block to the GUI to explode player.. & hurry on the [Soon] features!
  3. I don't fix CRASHING a player is the way to do things but whatevz :p
  4. [​IMG]

    It's "Raping"
    Not "Rapeing"

    - You can't exit the sound rape menu while someone's being raped.
    - You can't get back to the menu while someone's being raped.
    So basicly, this is useless:


    Pressing the escape button won't work either, as the menu will just come back.

    - Maybe try adding a "CANCEL" button?
    Then have that as a coal block on the left?
  5. Add some rank-up for player. Like after click golden apple he will get VIP group with PermissionsEx.
  6. Can you make a command for crashing the player, or a deticated plugin, or contact me I need it!
  7. What do you mean by this?
  8. I need a plugin that can crash a player's client, can you give me a plugin for it, you made it before, can you give me it?
  9. Crash a player's client... Jezus lol
    I would love to have that XD
  10. Ok, since I can't update my review here it is. Stars: 5
    It's just crashing someone is a little weird, it should be a conflict g option because it can be a little abusive. All the other features in the plugin are awesome.
  11. Isn't it the own choice of a owner, maybe admin, to crash a player?
    This means the player won't join the server back again I guess.
    And the server lost another player.

    As I said.

  12. I want it, can someone make it?
  13. Like that you can crash someone's client?...
  14. Yes!
  15. Wouldn't I get problems if I make a plugin like that? XD
  16. Then we just do it in private? Add me on skype GamendeTycho
  17. Fixed.