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  1. It would be great to get a notification when someone buys a plugin. (Email and website) You should also be able to disable it.
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  2. I was just thinking about it and it would definitely be something I would enable (at least website notifications).

    Not sure if this is an option for the resource manager though.
    The normal 'is it possible to develop' or 'has it been made already' apply :p
  3. Phoenix616

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    Why would the email that PayPal already sends not be enough?
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  4. I also get PayPal emails from other shops/marketplaces
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  5. Andre_601


    But you could just check that it is from Spigot? There should be such info within the receipt you get...
  6. It would still be good if there were notifications
  7. TheJavaHacker


    Can you imagine the plugin devs with purchases in the hundreds wake up to like 30 odd notifications per day, with over half of that being purchases?
    It would be stupid.
    The notifications tab should be for IMPORTANT things such as responses to a thread or requests for support.
  8. That's why you should be able to disable them.
  9. TheJavaHacker


    Perhaps you should have specified that in the original post, so people like myself don't immediately assume you've not thought of that.
  10. I thought that I don't need to write this because you can disable any notification
  11. TheJavaHacker


    If not specified, one can assume anything of an abstract concept.
  12. Yeah you are right, I will edit the post
  13. It would be nice to have it, but SpigotMC is not a marketplace.
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  14. What does the 'spigotMC is not a marketplace' have to do with this suggestion?
    It's just a notifier of an event that has happend.
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  15. Aslong as you can disable this, I wouldnt see an issue with adding this, however theres a very low chance of this being added if there isnt a xenforo extension that does this
  16. that's why the OP said "You should also be able to disable it."

    I also like this idea although I probably wouldn't use it myself.

    EDIT: Just saw that the disable thing wasn't mentioned in the original post until it was edited, so sorry about that.
  17. in my opinion it is necessary
  18. The resource manager already has this option. SpigotMC in general can add lots of features that are available but just disabled, they just won't.
  19. Oh thanks