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Bug Purchased resources being removed from list

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by tracker7767, May 21, 2015.

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  1. Ok so I have bought a few resources but after about a day I lost some I bought yesterday and one I bought about a week ago I do not understand why this is happening but it needs to be fixed because I am tired of spending money on something then I do not have access to it.
  2. Erm, why don't you go read the tos before complaining, as for we guarantee a single download, and no more. You deleted it? You deleted it not us.
  3. What resources?
  4. When did he say he deleted it?
  5. They don't just vanish unless he deleted them or he used a pirated copy.
  6. I think he means they vanished from his purchased list on Spigot?
  7. If that is what happened, I'm guessing that might be the fraud detection(if any), and I'm also guessing if that's the case, the plugins were never his to use. Honestly, he has six messages and 0 likes which in my mind suggests he is on an alt trying to get free plugins.
    Edit: To add to that, check his posts. I'm pretty sure he is just a little kid trying to free plugins.
  8. The only two possible ways you can be removed from a resource is if you chargeback or are removed manually by md_5.
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  9. Chargebacks mean an automatic removal (PayPal sends info that the purchase has been charged back and Xenforo removes the purchase), and md_5 wouldn't remove someone without a very good reason...

    @tracker7767 if there is a genuine issue, email [email protected] OR [email protected]
  10. For one I am not on an alt I did not chargeback idk if paypal did it for some reason but I paid for the plugins legitimately so don't go saying I am pirating them I am not a little kid trying to get free plugins I just don't post much on spigot don't have a reason to I just posted because I did not know if this a was an actual problem or not I got it figured out anyways just forgot to update the post
  11. And I think it was my paypal I was paying with my bank instead of a card and I have had problems with that before where is just did not send the money did not cross my mind If I need to I will pay for the plugins again
  12. Atleast you admit it was a chargeback :/
  13. Hmm,

    Have you guys ever had the thought of him just trying to get a free premium resource?
  14. MikeA

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    If a user buys a premium resource then either cancels the payment or disputes the payment down the road, they're removed or banned. If I find it, I usually just ban the person since that's scamming, so you're pretty lucky I guess.

    I'm closing this thread since OP has figured out why he was removed.
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