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  1. So, my idea is to add a quick placeholder/variable to the purchased resources page.
    Next to the title, I'd like to see a counter for how many premium plugins I've have actually purchased.

    Not gonna lie, I enjoy bragging about how many I have purchased, as its far over 50 plugins.
    And scrolling thru just to count is a bit of a hazzle because of the amount.

    I could be horribly mistaken, but I think the placeholder is {$resources} or {$resourceCount}.
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  2. Could be kind of nice to see how many plugins I've purchased. I don't think it'll hurt anything to show that number somewhere.
  3. Good to know I'm not the only one who thinks that way :D
  4. What would also be nice is if there's a plugin that got inactive, or removed, that we know why.. if it is because it was inactive or because something malicious was going on.

    A counter wouldn't hurt, but it's something I honestly could do without - i don't care about how many i have, i care about getting what i needed. Be it free or premium.
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  5. Like a notification saying "The resource <name> was removed because of <reason>" or something to that effect
  6. I don't need details:
    'Removed from resource directory, reason: inactive'
    'Removed from resource directory, reason: expired'
    'Removed from resource directory, reason: requested by author'
    'Removed from resource directory, reason: guideline violation'

    This way we can be like 'ohhh, it simply got inactive..' or 'mmm, guideline violation, we might have to assume a backdoor or something' . huge difference: worth it.
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  7. MiniDigger


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  8. how does a plugin expire?
  9. MiniDigger


    no updates in 5 months -> inactive -> another 2 months -> deleted
  10. Awe :[ I should add you to some of my plugins just because that :thinking:
  11. Well, if you're doing give-aways, cough cough immah vote premiumFFA :D
  12. Not gonna lie, PremiumFFA isn't the best. I could rewrite it such a better plugin, which I'm planning to do as fast PremiumHub/SkyBlock is finished.
  13. #weekendproject
  14. I can't agree. x)
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  15. Dumma sverige :D
    jag menade en räknare för köpta resurser, inte nedladdningstals
  16. MiniDigger


    its not like I am missing the funds to buy plugins, I just didn't find anything yet that is worth the "premium" tag.
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  17. It shows you how many resources you've purchased...
  18. +1

    kind of related, but one for watched resources would be nice too :D

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