Pure Structure World Generation (Also Biome Detection)

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    I'd like to recreate the Ways from the Wheel of Time as a plugin. Ideally, the player would be able to travel through a portal into something similar to the world in the picture I attached, and then unlock a gate within this world in order to travel to a completely different place in the main world. If possible, the gates should point to specific biomes so the player has a rough idea of where they'll end up (Need packed ice? Look for a gate to an ice spike biome).

    While I think I'll be able to figure out portal detection and gate unlocking, I haven't the slightest idea about the proper way to generate this world in the first place. I can think of a few possibilities.
    1. Pre-Generate the entire Ways within a set area. This has the drawback of not allowing the Ways to be infinite.
    2. Generate it with terrain generation. I think this probably wouldn't work, as terrain generation I've seen uses noisemaps and this seems too ordered for a noisemap to work.
    3. Generate it using structure generation. I have no idea where to even start learning how to do this.
    Ideally, the Ways should be generated as players explore and at least a quarter as big as the standard world size.

    Additionally, I have no idea how to go about detection biomes in advance of any players actually travelling there. I see that there are some plugins that do this, but I am at a loss as to how.

    How do I detect biomes without a player visiting that location?
    How do I generate theoretically infinite, randomly assembled structures floating in a void? Bonus points if the method allows for parts of the structures to be above and below each other?
  2. World generation definitely doesn't have to use traditional simplex/perlin noise:

    I'd probably start a project like this by building some structures that the plugin will randomly choose from when generating the world. (Similar to how vanilla Villages work but structures like you showed instead.)
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  3. Bumping with an additional problem: Some of the structure segments I want to generate are larger than a chunk. If you have any resources relating to structure generation, please post them. I'm running out of information that will help me with this.

    Thanks for the help. It is helpful to understand how this whole thing works. I'm beginning to fear that I'll need to pull a flyingllama and rewrite something major in order to pull this off.

    Additionally, I can't seem to find any information on schematic usage for structures that doesn't involve worldedit. Is using worldedit the only way to generate structures with schematics, or is there another way I'm not seeing?
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