Put clan tag on TAB and Head

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  1. Is there any plugin to put the clan tag in the head? Like SimpleClans? I wanted to put the clan tag on Tab, but I don't find anything related in other forums. Does NametagEdit offer this feature? Because I can only place the clan tag in the chat and not the tab.

    I would like it to look like this in 1.12.x:


    Is there a plugin that does this? Because Simpleclans doesn't tag the head.
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  2. You can use the plugin TAB Reborn https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/tab-1-5-x-1-15-1-reborn.57806/
    it gives you many functionnalities like changing the nametag prefix in tab (so you can add your SimpleClans' placeholder in the prefix and it will show) and if you have some functionnalities that you don't want, you can simply deactivate them
    There's also a discord server if you need quick help
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  3. Thanks friend, this plugin is very good. I will research more about it.