Put your server to rest with SleepingServerStarter.

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  1. I've tried to create a ressource, but apparently only .jar are accepted, so I present you my little piece of software.

    Put your minecraft server to rest, while SleepingServerStarter is watching ! Save power, save the world !

    What it does :
    • Listen on the same port as your minecraft server.
    • When someone connects, exit and launch your minecraft server.
    • When server is stopping (by EmptyServerStopper by example), watch until someone reconnects.

    Server Side
    Client connects
    Client Side


    Based on : https://github.com/PrismarineJS/node-minecraft-protocol

    With an original idea from https://github.com/tustin2121/MCSignOnDoor

    Require : NodeJs (^v5.*) & NPM

    Install :

    • Download this repository as zip.
    • Unzip it at your minecraft's root.
    • Launch "npm install", to restore the needed package.
    • Start using "node sleepingServerStarter.js".
    Use WebServer for dynmap :

    • You need to change your configuration from class: org.dynmap.InternalClientUpdateComponent to class: org.dynmap.JsonFileClientUpdateComponent (comment all the section InternalClientUpdateComponent and uncomment JsonFileClientUpdateComponent).
    • Chat will not work when hosted by mcsleepingserverstarter. For a full compatibilty, you can use apache.
    • https://github.com/webbukkit/dynmap/wiki/Setting-up-without-the-Internal-Web-Server
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  2. Sounds awesome man. Only thing i would say (i haven't tested this btw) is minecraft servers usually take around 10s+ to start. Does this just show as the server is online, kick the client that connects and have the server boot up?
  3. Yes, it is.
    I've added some screenshots to make it more clear. ^^
    But yes, during 10s+, the server seems to be offline during the loading phase.
  4. Looks cool. If you can you should make it more of a save state kind of situation rather than just having the server stopped

    also, You can upload resources in a .zip archive :)
  5. I don't understand this part :
    You're right I could make a zip, but github creates one with the latest version.
  6. I think they mean so that the process is hibernated and it just gets started up in its previous state. Which sound like a damn lot of work and im not sure if its feasible without a lot of messing about.

    @ME1312 the link for the Zip is here: https://github.com/vincss/mcsleepingserverstarter/archive/master.zip though its avaliable on that Github page so you need to look a bit better next time.

    Also @Vincs Line 55 of your JS file shouldn't it say "Prince has come"?
  7. I meant it kind of like how like you can pause/unpause a virtual machine
    I was referring to on how it was said on the OP "I've tried to create a ressource, but apparently only .jar are accepted"
  8. Okay, I apologise for being harsh. I presumed you meant to download now. Sorry bro, forgive me? <3
  9. you have been forgiven <3
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  10. Typo is fixed. ^^ Sorry about that !
  11. mcmyadmin had also a hibernation feature but this one will be better if i am running more then 2 servers but how does it work then in the commandprompt of windows?
  12. Input & ouput streams are redirected to the console.
    So it's working like when you're running your server from the command promt.
  13. Ok but idk if windows has NPM....
  14. I've updated the software to fix an issue on windows, change favicon,...
  15. Hi ! :)
    It's been a while; but I updated the software for 1.15.1 compatibility.