1.15.2 Putting errors in tab complete?

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  1. I've been investigating into putting errors into the tab complete popup, but the problem is if they are in red (using chatcolor) tab completing the message kicks the player.

    I tried editing the TabComplete packet that is client-bound (here), but that is called to send suggestions, and the other thing I wanted to do (remove the text in the chat bar) doesn't work, if the text is blank/null it doesnt show the first suggestion.

    I tried TabCompleteEvent but all I could do is cancel the event.

    I tried the TabComplete packet server-bound (here), but that is called to ask for tab completes, not on tab complete.

    I'm out of ideas, if this isn't possible I'll just give up, I just wanted to achieve an effect like this:
    Hypixel seems to do it with their commands:
  2. It cannot be done via the Spigot API since it requires the Brigadier library which Spigot doesn’t support. Essentially, using Brigadier you would send a supported NMS/Brigadier type to the client. The client would then parse the player’s input and display the error accordingly.

    On a side note, you can have a look at either https://github.com/lucko/commodore or https://github.com/Pante/Chimera
  3. Andre_601


    I would highly suggest using Commodore from Luck, as this adds 1.13 tab completion (brigadier support) to your commands, which is as easy as creating a .commodore file and then parsing it.
    Sadly, the repo lacks a bit of documentation on what you can do, but I guess looking at LuckPerms' .commodore file would give you some idea what each option does.