Solved Puzzling NPE on Non-Null String

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    I'm a little confused. Getting a NPE on a non-null string.

    Code (Java):
         String type = (String) map.get("type");
         String roomName = (String) map.get("room");
"Checking room: " + roomName);
         if (!(chatRooms.roomExists(roomName))) { // Line 61 : roomName null
               config.getString("", "&cThe room &r&l{ROOM}&r&c doesn't exist!")));
    Code (Text):

    [11:51:56 INFO]: Checking room: WelcomeLounge
    [11:51:56 ERROR]: Could not pass event PlayerInteractEvent to WeChat v0.3.7 BETA
    org.bukkit.event.EventException: null
    Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException
      at wa.was.wechat.db.ChatSigns.action( ~[?:?]
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  2. Is the "chatRooms" variable null? Why do you think "roomName" is null and not "chatRooms"?
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    That's a good point, if the same global variable isn't used initially to create the room sign and make sure the room exists before placing the sign.
  4. chatRooms is null, as that is the only dereferenced variable at that line (and the stack trace stops there).
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    How is the global variable not null one second, and null the next, when it's instantiated once? Interesting. As again, you can place a sign and it checks the room just fine. Going to poke around.

    Update: I see what happened. Renaming "ChatRooms" to "chatRooms" from a old version of the class where "ChatRooms" was using a static reference was resetting the variable with nothing in another function.