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  2. There's another plugin with the exact same logo, are you the same person
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  4. is it possible to make the same lobby change arena, map randomly or systematically
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  5. no, I am not. I will message them. Thanks for reminding me!
  6. Thanks again for the awesome plugin. How do I set spawns of specific classes for each team (red / blue)? I saw it once somewhere in the documents but can no longer find it. Thanks!
  7. This is vanilla functionality:

    /pa [arena] spawn [teamname][classname]spawn[number]

    Where classname and number are optional and everything after the first "spawn" is put together without spaces.

    However if you have a spawn without number (or other appendices) it will always be chosen, contrary to the inherit random function of choosing spawn1, 2, 3, 4 etc

    So for example

    /pa [arena] spawn redrangerspawn1
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  8. I get an unknown spawn error
  9. oh it seems to work like

    /pa [arena] spawn [team]spawn[class name]

    /pa bloodgulch spawn bluespawnranger
  10. Really? Does it work ingame? I think I read it from the code and it should be the way I told you :D However, if it works thats most important ;)

    Oh the one you did could simply be the "bluespawn" with any appendix. Maybe you have to activate a "classspawn" setting in the config? I am at work atm so I cannot really look :/
  11. if I want more arenas, is it better to implement all arenas in to the same world or should I crate a new world for every arena.

    Also the command '/pa set blocktype' doesn't work.
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  12. 1) yeah you are able to put several arenas into the same world :)

    2) did you add a gamemode that needs flags?

    /pa [arena] !gm flags


    /pa [arena] !gm domination

    you need to specifically add a game mode :)
  13. Is goals and gamemodes the same thing? Cause I'm trying to create a blockdestroy game. Originally I wanted the blue team to have to destroy a red clay block and vice versa, but I don't know if that is possible so I'm trying to make the purpose clay block as the block type for both teams to destroy.

    I've created and arena and set the goal as blockdestroy/destroyblock and then I marked the region (called it blockdestroy and made it battle region). So now I'm trying to set the blocktype so I can set the blue and red teams block.
  14. is it possible to remove the need of punching an iron block. Basically I want people to join the lobby and if there's enough player the game will start after X seconds without the need of punching a block. Also I want people to instantly join a team when they join the match if the game has already started, not enter some kind of spectator mode.

    As you can tell I am noob since I didn't understand the tutorials
  15. Hi,
    I have set in an arena config:

    excludeFromDrops: none
    keepOnRespawn: none
    minplayers: 2
    random: false
    rewards: 378|61~1
    takeOutOfGame: none

    teamrewards: true

    Players gets no item reward when they won a match.

    Did i do something wrong?
  16. Mhh I don't know the logic by heart. Can you try getting the stuff you want to give people and do /pa [arena] set rewards hand

    If this does not work because of whatever, please empty your inventory except for that thing and do

    /pa [arena] set rewards inventory

    That has to work :D - and show you that it did, then try /pa reload and try again?

    Can you check for errors from PVP Arena at the time it should have worked? For example "unrecognized item" might be a thing it could say
  17. Thanks for help, it's ok now :)
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  18. what module adds a respawn delay?
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