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  1. How do you have spaces between a class's items? Like if I want my arrows to be at the end of my inventory bar. Also, I can't make the ready-block a sign... Is it possible to do this? If so that'd be great :D And the last thing I'm having trouble with is making it so that when someone does /spawn, you they automatically leave the game instead of doing /pa leave. I'm wondering how I could fix this...
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  2. Hi,
    unfortunately it is not possible to add some space in your inventory. For /spawn I tested it and there is effectively a problem.
    Can you open an issue on github for the /spawn problem please ? You can also open another one for your inventory suggestion.
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  4. Sadly, the Announcements module does not work.

    I installed it, I enabled it, its in the arena config, but nothing is showing up upon any circumstance.
  5. Please open an issue on github and add your arena config file.
  6. I lied a server restart was needed. :)

    However- is there a way to prevent inventory glitches with users who have creative?

    IE: Compatibility with Restricted Creative?
  7. No problem. Like Dr House said : "Everybody lies" :p

    Otherwise, do you really need to be in creative gamemode within the arena ? If not, you can force players to be in survival just editing your arena config.
  8. The arena does auto-set users to survival, but the two inventorys get mixed, and the items can be taken out of the arena from what we tested.

    Works flawlessly as long as the user does not enter or join the arena in GM
  9. I don't really understand how that you describe can happens. Can you send me your arena config file ? From your side, can you try to reproduce without restrictedCreative ?
  10. Is it possible to add a feature where you can turn on and off the ready button, and just start depending on when the set amount of players have joined the game? And if there was a ready option, can you make it so that if you were to use for example red wool, it would turn to green wool, once right clicked? Or perhaps you can make it so the person him/herself can choose what block to swap to once right clicked. And lastly, can you add a title screen countdown instead of chat countdown? Sorry for the many ideas, this are just suggestions to make the plugin better than it already is! Thanks
  11. So me and my friend have spent the last couple days building a gigantic ctf arena but the plugin isn't working properly. The kits and spawns work but when we go to grab the other team's wool we get the prompt that we collected it but we cant capture or get points.
  12. Hello,
    there is already a lot of ready options and I suggest you to look at your arena configuration file, you will find a "ready" block. All of these options are explained in the "configuration" part of documentation on github.
    About your idea to change the blocks, if I correctly understood you would like each player who hits the block see a a new block instead ? If so it is not possible to do because blocks are viewed in the same way by all the players.
    For titles, it is already possible. Just use the "title" mod for PVP Arena. You will find more informations on the "enhancement" part of documentation on github.
  13. Hi ColtRuger, I don't think there is a problem with CTF. It's one of my favourite games and it works perfectly on my server ^^
    Did you correctly add the "flags" goal to the arena and set the flag locations with the /pa <arena> <teamname>flag command ?
  14. Yes i even got the prompt that said the flag has been set
  15. It's really weird. Can you send me your arena config file please ?
  16. Hey, is this compatible with 1.14.4?
  17. Yes it is (obviously) :D
  18. Hi, amazing plugin, but I have a question, is there any way to make the game start automatically without having to click a 'ready' block? Anyways, overall a great plugin, keep on developing!
  19. ^what is the module pack ?
  20. Hi ! Thanks for your message !
    Players can type /pa ready, it has the same effect. I personally use it in command blocks. However, there is no automatic start in order to wait other players in the lounge.