Spigot PVP Arena 1.14.0

Enhancing PVP experience

  1. How can i create a infected gamemode in 1.14.2 with custom weapons and class?

    And the players can choose they class when they spawn, and if they are the infected, they can choose a class for the infected.
  2. Just create an arena, add the "infected" goal. Then, create as much classes as you want and use the name "%infected%" for the infected class.
    You can create only one class for infected people.
  3. Ok, thanks :) i will try later.
  4. Hey, can you make it so that when you do something like /spawn, it leaves the pvp arena too? Instead of having to do /pa leave
  5. No because it will against the current behavior. The /spawn command is blocked for every players except admins. I think it's really cleaner each plugin uses its own commands.
  6. But the problem is that, since players already have the perms to do /spawn, when they do it in a pvp game, they keep their armor, swords, etc. on...
  7. Players must not have the perms to do /spawn. If they have, it's either players are OP or players have pvp.admin or pvparena.create permission.
    In normal case, players should just have pvparena.user permission.
  8. Tbh, i would really suggest adding /spawn, but hey, it's up to you. Also, I'm not sure if it's just something occurring on my side of things...but when the match is over, the player goes to the last location they were in the lobby... is there anyway you could make it so that they go to spawn instead?
  9. Yep you can do this. Set the "exit" arena spawn where you want (at you world spawn for instance) and then modify the "tp" config of your arena by setting "exit" as value for "win" and "lose" keys. You have an example in the docs : https://github.com/Eredrim/pvparena/blob/master/doc/configuration.md
  10. Does this plugin have a full world rollback after each match? Is it safe to use in a server that has more than 1 world in it? I have a SurvivalGames server with 4 maps. One of which I want to route through this plugin, will that work once I have the perms all setup properly?
  11. Hi !
    The plugin can't rollback an entire world. There are two rollback modes : block by block on a limited zone or by pasting a worldedit save of the map. You can use the plugin on a multi-world server, it works perfectly. However I never tried to make cross-world arenas but I think it might work if your arena regions are correctly set.
  12. I would love to see a feature to allow the plugin to rollback an entire world by swapping out the world file. Other plugins have that feature and its much faster than block by block or massive worldedits.
  13. I you already have something which allows you to reload a world (plugin, command or script), you can call it at the end of each fight by using the pvpArena "eventActions" module. More information here : https://github.com/Eredrim/pvparena/blob/master/doc/mods/eventactions.md
  14. How do I add rewards in the config? Also is it possible to make a command activate as an award? Not sure where I could find this information :p
  15. Hi,
    For every settings which needs items like "rewards", fill your inventory with all the items you want to set and type "/pa <arenaName> set my.config.key inventory". In this case and if your arena is named "awesome_game", type "/pa awesome_game set items.rewards inventory".

    However, if you like writing , you can set that manually in the config following the docs : https://github.com/Eredrim/pvparena/blob/master/doc/items.md

    If you want to call a special command for the winners, you can use the eventactions mod : https://github.com/Eredrim/pvparena/blob/master/doc/mods/eventactions.md
  16. Thank you so much for this!
  17. I have a Faction Server.. faction's friendly fire is off, is it possible to bypass that inside the arenas?
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