Spigot PVP Arena 1.14.0

Enhancing PVP experience

  1. Hello,
    please use english ;)
  2. This plugin would be soo perfect if you could add, Actionbars - Title Screens - Bossbars messages and timers and commands to join leave game, plus GUI for class / kit selector
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  3. Hi, titles and commands to join and leave already exists ! Check the docs ;)
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  4. I have some ideas to help modernize this plugin, because in my opinion it would be PERFECT it there were some changes made

    I will list the changes here and give details with pictures for reference

    - Charge for your resource and make it premium <--- why aren't you getting paid for your work?

    - get rid of the "iron ready block" and instead add action bar timer que as well as a timer for arena rounds, "Modern look"
    - add title screen to all game functions on the timeline: Que start, Game start, game end
    - Title examples: Que start Title: Game is starting! Subtitle: Pick a kit! Game start: Title: FIGHT! Game end: Title: Blue/Red team is victorious!
    * Instead add a Que feature where players have a set amount of time to select class before game start. example 2:00mins to pick a class
    * Game starts after minimum players have joined via command /pa {arenaname} join
    * If for some reason players haven't choosen a class in que time, they are automatically given a configurable default class.
    * Option to allow players to join while game is already in session as long as it doesn't exceed maximum number of players per match/team

    - Get rid of "Class Signs" this is an outdated method of choosing class/kit (pre 1.8 MC) Instead choose classes via commands
    * Players can chose a "class" via command, Example: "/class warrior" this allows servers to tie commands to GUI menus or NPS

    GUI Class selection possibilities example:

    NPC Class selection possibilities example:

    - Add a Scoreboard while Ingame, this cleans the chat up and prevents the plugin from spamming remaining points after each kill/death
    * Scoreboard should represent kills, deaths, current team, and time left in match: (if a timer is defined for match)

    Closing improvement review

    - remove ready block add que with timers
    - implement configurable title screens
    - allow classes to be chosen via command NOT SIGNS - outdated and very ugly!!!! harsh but true!
    - add ingame scoreboard

    Please contact me with any questions, I'm always available. This is a great plugin and I feel like these suggestions would take the resource in a positive direction.
  5. I really like several of your ideas and not some others.
    Several functionalities already exist : scoreboards, command to chose classes, titles. A number of theme require the installation of a PvPArena mod.

    For non existing features, I think I will implement some of them when I would have more time.
    And about the idea to pass the plugin to a premium resource, it's not in my philosophy. PvPArena is a free and open source plugin. It will always be the case.
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  6. Can you link me to the mods page for PvP arena? I would like to install some and for some reason I couldn't locate them before even tho I've looked for them, also what command is used for selecting classes instead of using signs, and is there a way around using the iron ready block?
  7. The mod documentation page : https://github.com/Eredrim/pvparena/blob/master/doc/enhancements.md
    Normally mods are automatically downloaded if you're using the latest PvPArena release. They are in the "files" directory of PvParena. Just follow the docs to activate them.
    If they're not, download them here and put them in the "files" folder.

    The command to select a class is /pa arenaclass <class> (or /pa -ac <class>). You have to enable the "ingameClassSwitch" option to use it.
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  8. Thank you man, Im excited to see what the mods can do, you keep saying alot of the stuff im suggesting is already there but i havent been able to find it on my own, soo im excited to see if any of it is available thru the mods
  9. Side note, I believe I am currently using the lastest version of PvPArenas, but it didnt come with the Zipped file archive

    Apparently my PvPArena is version: 1.14.0
  10. one last question, is there a way around using the iron ready block?
  11. You're pretty enthusiastic !
    Concerning the mods, I mistook. Mods are automatically downloaded only if you precise it in your config. So, just unzip the mods archive in your "files" directory, it would be more simply.

    If you don't want to use the iron block, players can directly type /pa ready. In addition, all players PvP Arena commands can be used in command blocks.
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  12. These mods are fucking dope!
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  13. Is there an option to modify the in-game scoreboard at all? I'd like to maybe change the format and colors and add some custom placeholders from PAPI and MvWD Placeholder API
  14. Also I'm thinking about donating, I don't have a lot right now but when I get paid on the 18th I can probably donate $50 or something
  15. How I do when someone dies is launching to a certain place. And each team will have a different point to it
    For example, when a member of the Red Team passes away, he launches into the Red Team room and awaits the end of the game. And it's in the blue team, too

    And why can't I use the tdlives command
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  16. No, scoreboards are hardcoded but I think I could make them "templatable". However, I don't wish integrate placeholder API. Due to the complexity of the multi-game aspect of PvP arena, it would be too complicated and I don't want also to add a dependency to the project.
  17. In your arena config file, you will see a "tp" options block. You have to edit the "death" option to set the place where players are teleported when they are eliminated from the game. You can use the name of a spawnpoint or coordinates.
    Nevertheless it's not possible to separate teams after player died. Personally, I teleport all players to spectator zone.

    About the tdlives command, there is no command like this. I think you want to use the /pa goal command ? I suggest you to look at the docs for more information.
  18. It doesn't really act as a dependency it's more like you can hook into the API and use tons of diff placeholders. But it would be kinda pointless if your saying that the scoreboard is hard coded.
  19. Using placeholders is optional. You should atleast briefly check out there reasource page. Tons of plugins use them for there variables.
  20. Is there a way to let players join arena whenever they want, also when the match has already started?