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Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by LtCrazyman, Apr 24, 2017.

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  1. ok so this bug is causing my entire staff team to scratch their heads and thought id reach out to the community to see if this could be solved...

    Bows work, they do damage to players, magic works, same again but we cant punch or hit any players. the particles are there, the sound is there but nothing happens. checked perms, checked every plugin we can think of but it just doesnt work...

    plugins that could affect it:
    -chat items?
    -combat tag
    -mcmmo action
    -world guard

    any ideas please let us know
  2. post your full plugin list also which server version
  3. and yes i am aware there are alot of plugins, some still need to be removed. version 1.10.2
  4. jesus christ i dont even know where to start with all that......

    check your world guard flags for pvp, but quickest way to test would be make a test server with all those plugins and half them till you find the plugin that causes it
  5. i know right, i narrowed it down to the list i first posted, going to see if i can replicate it, but at this stage im stumpted
  6. Create a backup of the server. Then, remove half of your plugins. If the issue is still present, remove half of your plugins. Once you have removed a group of plugins and the issue is no longer present, do the same thing with that half of the plugins. You can then narrow it down to one plugin.
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  7. Sometimes this error is due to packets, maybe you have a plugin to have async hits? Check anything that plugs into ProtocolLib.
  8. we found the source of it, it was actually wildcard perms that created the issue.
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