Spigot Pvp Levels 1.3.2

A plugin that lets you rankup from killing other players, and can be a competition.

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    Pvp Levels - A plugin that lets you rankup from killing people.

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  2. My god, I've been trying to fine a fucking plugin that is similar to GTAMC's PvP level system and I can't find a single one. You have fulfilled one of my server's missing key feature!
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  3. Thanks! I'm glad I could help! If you need anything else like have any problems or have a suggestion feel free to leave them here!
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    Update Very Small Fix

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  5. Alright, if you read this, if you find any bugs or errors, leave them here or even leave suggestions I will try to check them as much as I can but I am going to study and work on College work for the rest of the week. I will try to get back to you guys as soon as possible, but I have a midterm for one class and much homework for another class. I hope you all can understand :) I'll get back to updating soon!
  6. Alrighty so here are my suggestions for the plugin:

    A bit rough and messy in my opinion on the texts and such but other then that, it works amazingly well

    1. When leveling up, you'll get the option on config to either show a title to the player that you've leveled up or you can chose not to.
    Players can also disable that by doing /level title disable

    2. When leveling up, a sound will be played, sound can also be configured in config

    3. Last one, a bit advance so I hope you can pull it off.
    Certain levels can give certain rewards
    Either by item, command, ranks or permission nodes

    Thats all I have for now so yeah, tell me what'd you think.
  7. If it's not too hard, is it possible to have levels having increments of kills required? (ex. I am level 0, I need 20 kills, I level up and now need 21 kills to level up to level 2)
  8. I would need a bit more info on the title thing, would the title show what level they are after typing in chat? If so, pretty easy to make. The sound, I like that idea and it will be added in the next update, and for prizes, I already had that on my list I will be making a prize file that you can make a prize, then give it to the player when they reach the level you set the prize to be :) (Prizes update may be out a bit later as it may take me a bit more time)

    Alright, I could make increments pretty easy, I could go in the default section of the config and add an incremental value. I will be adding this as it isn't too advanced to make.

    Thank you both for your suggestions and I hope I can fulfill them soon! :)
  9. Also for these, I could make them editable as well to be full customization if you'd like, just tell me what you would like to be custom and I could add that :)
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    Level Title, Level up sound, and Level Kill Increments!

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  11. I've added three new features to the plugin! Please read the plugin update for information on what was added and how to install it if you have had the plugin previously, or from the previous version, there is a new config setup for the config.yml and the players.yml
  12. Alrighty, had a bit of a performance training at school so couldn't manage to check up on SpigotMC

    A bit misunderstanding with the title feature.
    The title that I was talking about is the on-screen title
    Instead of have a custom chat bracket like >>, could you remove that feature and just make a boolean that enables the level prefix/suffix? 2018-07-07_00.05.37.png Screenshot_32.png

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  13. Sorry about that :) I understand, I will remove the custom chat layout feature, then I will add the prefix idea and that title "PvP Level up!" I will try to make that customizable in the config as well :)
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  14. XxTheEnderGodxX updated Pvp Levels with a new update entry:

    Replaced /level title with /level prefix, and added titles for player rankup!

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  15. XxTheEnderGodxX updated Pvp Levels with a new update entry:

    Small Fix With Level Prefix

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  16. After the updates, my server console says it couldn't load the jar plugin. Is there a problem with bukkit and the plugin? I'm using 1.3.1 of the plugin and Bukkit 1.12.2

    Here's the error on pastebin
  17. Sorry, I will go try to fix this now, I will be updating it when it is fixed, sorry for the inconvenience.
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    Fix for 1.9+

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  19. thanks endergod :D
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  20. Sorry for no updates on the plugin yet, I will try to do some of the code in portions, I got my assignments for the week in my college classes so I will have to work on those too :p
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