Spigot Pvp Levels 1.3.2

A plugin that lets you rankup from killing other players, and can be a competition.

  1. Heya I just got a random idea, maybe certain levels unlock certain permissions or gives you a rank when you reach a certain level~
  2. Okay! I will try to add this
    Also to anyone who was looking forward to updates, sorry, I have been very inactive lately with school starting up again I have found to have little to no free time, I will try to get plugin updates out as much as I can. Any ideas can be posted still but I may be late trying to add them and such, and thank you all for your patience. Also, there is a bug with the list I will be trying to fix soon as well. I am sorry to everyone and I will try to get to adding new features and such soon.
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  3. amazing plugin but in the newest version it worked but when i gave my friend a rank then it stopped showing the level in chat for everyone, even when i reset the whole folder of the plugin it still didnt show, i had to reinstall the plugin and everyone lost their levels plz tell me how to fix this, i use powerranks bttw
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