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  2. my server towny in zone no pvp the ''mode pvp on'' it is activated automatically
  3. Tell me which plugin you use for non-pvp zones.
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  4. What about GodMode?
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  5. Please describe this - How it should work?
  6. Perhaps if a player has shot another player without damage, then he is on GodMode, and we must turn it off: D
  7. This can be achieved with "pvpc.command.pvp.admin" permission. Player with this permission can switch beetwen pvp and non-pvp mode (using /pvp command), which seems to be the same thing as you have described. Do you think that admin-Mode /pvp command should be replaced with /god or /GodMode command?
  8. I did not mean it. I mean, if the player turned on / god))
  9. So you want "/god" command available via permission for some group of players, yes?
    Btw. why you can't use essentials god?
  10. No, I want that if the player hit another player when he is in God mode (Essentials), then we will cancel God's mode for the player)))
  11. Ohhh, now i understand. Seems like something really hard to realize, because of that the Essentials does not have any API to communicate with, but i can try to do something like this.
  12. Yeah, i know that it's so hard))) That's why many plugins do not have this function)))
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  14. Here you have your update. Please consider giving 5/5 stars.
  15. Very cool :D But can you disable God not only the victim, but also the attacker?)
  16. I was considering it, but think about it like that:
    When attakcer hits victim, then god mode is turned off for victim. Then victim is being very angry ;) and he starts to attack the damager, and damager loose his god mode pretty the same way.
    Am I right? :D
  17. Well, of course it's possible, but like, God's regime should be cleaned by the one who attacked;) Just like Creative and FLy))))) Do not you?)
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