Spigot PVPSounds 1.2

Adds better PVP sounds when you hit a player.

  1. Dylan_H submitted a new resource:

    PVPSounds - Adds better PVP sounds when you hit a player.

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  2. If the normal pvp sound wouldn't be heared anymore, it would be a perfect plugin :3.
  3. great plugin. is it possible to turn off the normal pvp sound?
  4. I'm looking into how to do that as there is no API for it.
  5. Hi man, i have a video review of ur plugin on spanish if u need add to post! here the link :)

    I send the menssege here because i cant send u a mp, i dont know why.. :s
  6. Woah. Thanks for making this brilliant video! I really appreciate it. I'll add it to the plugin description right now ;)

    Also, I have private messages turned off as I kept getting harrased by someone :/
  7. Loved the plugin !!
  8. Hi um.. theirs a bug with worldguard in worldguard areas if pvp disables and if you hit someone the hit sound still plays