Spigot [PWarp] PlayerWarps! |GUI|EASY SET-UP|Player Warps| 3.0.1

Makes you charge players for setting a warp.

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    [PWarp] PlayerWarps! - Makes you charge players for setting a warp.

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  2. xxtreepuncherxx


    Players are able to create a warp, but not able to delete the warp. I am able to delete it being OP. They receive the message "Error: you do not own this warp!"
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  3. I just made a forum post looking for a plugin very close to this. Is there any way to make using the warps cost an item as well?
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  4. this plugin work on 1.8?
  5. Is it possible to allow certain people from having their warp in the GUI? And others just to have a warp and not show up in the GUI? I haven't got to the point of setting this plugin up yet.
  6. Can you reply lol?
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    The -private/public- update!

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