Spigot [PWarp] PlayerWarps! |GUI|EASY SET-UP|Player Warps| 3.0.1

Makes you charge players for setting a warp.

  1. Like if i am in the nether i can only warp to warps that are in the nether
  2. Oh okay sure I can add an option for that in config :)
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  4. Could you add safe teleporting? like if the place you are teleporting to has lava under you, it wont teleport or needs you to confirm if you are sure. also could work that if the area you are teleporting to is just air it wont teleport, so that you dont fall to your death.
  5. This was already in the plugin, but I just noticed I apparently removed it on warping (not on setting), thanks for letting me know! Fix wel be released any sec
  6. I have the following error when trying to limit player warps limit per player.
    Stack trace - https://pastebin.com/NPY4KFQP
    - Using the latest vault (1.7.2)
    - These are the permissions I'm trying to give to limit
    - pwarp.otherlimit.3
    - pwarp.setlimit
    But no matter what, an error occurs unless I give pwarp.nolimit
  7. Hey! Sorry for the late reply but I was and still Am on a holiday :)
    I will look into it as soon as I’m back home! (8 days from now)
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  9. BIG BUG : 1.14.4
    you can take stuff out of the GUI
    sometimes it just ddnt work and let u take stuff out
    Or you can shift-click and close inventory fast. It works well especially for Private Warps.

    i hope you can allow admins to access player's private warps, and console to reload the plugin lol.
  10. Could you show me the GUI bug? I have never experienced this and am not able to take out items, and if I am they are ghost items that disappear. As for the other two requests, will add those in the future! :)
  11. when players set a price for the warps do they get paid by the person warping or does the money just go to the server account?
  12. A player should not be allowed to set warp prices. The warp (money/item) price is the general price for setting a warp and should thus be set by an admin as this is what players pay for setting a warp. These items/this money goes into the server bank. Hope this helped you out! :)
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  13. ahh so players cannot set a price for people to use their warps?
  14. Correct, I will, however, add this in the future :)
    For now, they can set their warp private and sell access to their warp by trusting players
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