Spigot PwnFilter 4.0-r1

The famous PwnFilter updated for 1.9

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    PwnFilter - The famous PwnFilter updated for 1.9

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  2. How do I add words to be filtered?
  3. I love this plugin. Used it about a year ago, but then it stopped working. Thanks for continuing it!

    However .. am I misremembering things, or didn't we use to be able to see the failed attempts of the players?

    Like now, when someone tries to adverties, staff don't know because nothing happens.
    So, essentially, the badguy is free to try all kinds of combinations until he succeeds, without us intervening.
  4. Can you update it for 1.10
  5. I love this Plugin when I was able to run it, My new filter will not let me control what to filter with regex editing. My question is will this work in 1.10.2.? I know it boots up with no errors in logs. and the few test I have done seem to work. Only on the PwnFilter-4.0-r1, I tried the 3.9.1 and messages to chat didn't have players names and rule ID. It's been since March or April I was running PwnFilter 3.3.1. Also Wondering if this filter will filter global chat, on my bungeecord network?
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  6. The previous author of Pwnfilter has released his version.
  7. I have tried it and custom messages will not work and sign filtering don't work in Spigot 1.10.2 I tried the latest release and his development version. Or do I have to re-write the Regex files? this version is the only one where the custom messages work with %player% and %ruleid%
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  8. @Ironic_8b49 I use version: 3.9.2-SNAPSHOT-b125 on 1.12.x without any problem but i only use messages without IDs just rules that all work only maybe a book have some small bug an by me rewrite the all will be mission imposible i have too much confiured there.
    All is custom