Spigot PyroWelcomes [1.9.X - 1.18.X] 2.5.0

Reward your players for welcoming players!

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    Bug Fixes

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  2. Before I install this on our network - are there plans to support 1.13 in the future?
  3. I will be updating this to 1.13 as well as adding lots more support for customisability with lores, enchantments and such. However, I am currently in the process of working on two premium plugins at the moment so my time is divided quite awkwardly. I'll be working on this, PyroBot and PyroFishing over the course of the next few weeks. I can't say when I will implement and provide support for 1.13 but it will happen at some point. (I'm also unsure if this works on 1.13. It might actually work on 1.13 but I haven't tested it at all.)

    If there is anything you would want adding to the plugin, let me know. I'm looking for more suggestions and ideas to implement into this as well.
  4. We don't need 1.13 tomorrow, it will be a while for us to upgrade, but it's nice to know there's a future for this feature. Added it..

    Noticed one thing though, players can cash in on those diamonds pretty quick if they can welcome themselves?
    Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 01.16.13.png

    By the way, we love pyroFishing, we just spent like 2+ hours fishing with a group of people to get items, fish, make money, etc. Was a fun mcMMO/RPG event
  5. You are able to get points for welcoming yourself, however this should only be for the first time that you actually join the server. Once you've joined once, that's it. You can also edit the prices and such in the configuration file to make those diamonds a bit harder to get.

    I'm also glad to hear you and your players love the plugin! I actually have a lot planned for the plugin in the future. (Still need to get around to updating the main plugin page for these.)
  6. Very cool, and thanks for joining my server. There's a pizza on its way to you and I hope you can chew and code at the same time. Looking forward to all the features ;)
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  7. PyroTempus updated PyroWelcomes [1.9.X - 1.13] with a new update entry:

    Major Re-code

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  8. Going to try this right away :)
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  9. PyroTempus updated PyroWelcomes [1.9.X - 1.13] with a new update entry:

    Bug Fixes + Small Additions

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  10. Fast work! Nicely done. :)
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  11. Code (Text):
    CommandPrefix: '&3&lwelcomes'
    UnknownCommand: '&cUnknown command. Type &4/pyrowelcomes &cfor a list of commands.'
    The default is /welcomes
    The msg yml has unknowncommand set to /pyrowelcomes it seems.
    But it doesn't seem to use %CommandPrefix to populate it if you change commandprefix

    [edit: I just realised it's not 'command' prefix, but more like 'title prefix]

    Where does Commandprefix get used? Because i changed it to welcome and tried /welcome, but the command is still /welcomes, and the help page shows welcomes as a command, but it seems to be the placeholder for the help menu title.

    Can the /welcomes points user perhaps check offline users as well (or limit offline checking to operators?)

    Could the /welcomes also have /welcomes help? (i've seen players type it)
    By the way, if we can get help, could the /welcomes perhaps be set in the config to be true/false to show help or points?
    Code (Text):
      DefaultArgument: true # true = points, false = help
    Doing /welcomes banana, it says unknown command, from the welcomes command. Maybe it's actually an argument that's incorrect.
    %prefix% > banana is an unknown argument, please type: /welcomes help . <- i'd prefer it is more like that.

    Could the GUI of the shop use the msgs yml Title Prefix (currently CommandPrefix)

    I notice other commands also don't support offline players. As admin, this would be really helpful.

    NoPermission: '&cYou do not have permission to preform this command!'

    If someone joins right now and says welcome to the first person they see join, they get 2 points for 'first welcome of your day', and if they then quit the game and log back in again. And then say hi to someone who joins, they get 2 points *again* for 'first welcome of the day', ppl can get extra bonus points by just relogging every so often and saying hi. Maybe this needs to be rethought a little bit.
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  12. Actually, now that I think of it, a regular player basically can only use /welcome help, /welcomes points, and /welcomes shop.
    By the way, I like how it's all 1 command now.

    Maybe if it's a regular player, it could be by default:

    (you have 5 points)

    /welcomes help
    (the help page showing only these three commands)

    /welcomes shop
    (opens gui)

    And as operator, as it is now .. showing the help page, with the additional commands like add,set,remove,reload

    Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 11.19.42.png
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