Spigot PyroWelcomes [1.9.X - 1.18.X] 2.5.0

Reward your players for welcoming players!

  1. Sorry, lazy. didn't try yet, just came across this because of pyrofishing. will install right away :)
  2. Pyro, remember you gave me a build over discord to try ? that one still works for me, i never updated to whatever is on here.

    > ver PyroWelcomes
    [18:21:31 INFO]: PyroWelcomes version 2.4.0
    [18:21:31 INFO]: Author: PyroTempus
  3. Thank you for adding hex
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  4. Can you add come back rewards?
    Forexample ,first i join the server is 2020/10/20,then i haven't accessed the server for a week.
    I can get come back rewards when i join the server in 2020/10/27 again.
    Seven days come back rewards.
    This means that if you have not entered the server for more than a period of time, you can get a return reward when you enter the server again.
  5. Hi, are there plans to keep updating this for like 1.17.1 and future updates onwards?
  6. I only intend to update the API to support the new items. I don't have plans to add new content to it though.
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  7. First of all This plugin is great, I am also using your other plug-ins, can i repost friends(free version)to“china minecraft forum” (www.mcbbs.net)