Spigot Quality Armory 1.1.157

A quality gun plugin similar to CrackShot.

  1. In seconds.
    1. Can you post the error? There may be a way to fix the error without you having to change the ammo data.
    2. The reason why all iron changes to 762 is because you are using iron_ingots, which can only have one ID. The only way around this would be to add the "variant: 1" entry to the yml, so QA will look for an ID in the lore instead of simply the material and durability.
  2. Thank you so much! The error is that the number of axes per slot is one. So I do not get together when I click on it. Sorry if you do not understand it because it was translated into a translator.
  3. This is something I am currently working on. Hopefully this issue should be fixed within the next few updates.
  4. Hey, I was trying to create a new model for my gun. I did everything, I create the model and the image file, but this happened:

    I don't know why but... can you make the video about exactly how to create a gun with Quality Armory?
  5. And 1 more thing, the scopes of the guns are really really ugly, I think. They need some improvement
  6. It will be great if you make some gun with the glass scope and give players night vision effect when they use the gun. I have to tell you this because I'm stucking at modelsss
  7. It looks like you did not provide a valid location for the texture. Verify that the location specified for the texture (for the model) is the same as where the texture actually is.

    1. NightVision will be applied to some weapons in the next update.
    2. The glass for scopes sounds like a good idea. I'll try to add that in another update.
  8. I did it, but nothing happened, still the same
  9. Man, our time is different from each others so our conversation can just be in my afternoon. I'm Vietnamese
  10. Could you post the resourcepack?
  11. The gun's name is stg44
  12. This is your problem. When exporting the model, it seems it is referencing another texture that is not specified. You may need to re-export the model or re-import the texture.

    Also, A few things you may want to consider about the model:
    1. It seems there are places where you have two similar pieces next to each other. You may want to consider, for example, deleting the top bit of the sides of the gun and increasing the Y scale for the bottom bit. This will reduce the amount of cubes for the model, making the filesize smaller and increasing performance (even if it won't be that noticeable)
    2. The texture has squares of a single color for each 25x25 section. Since png files are naturally very large, you may want to consider scaling this image down to 16x16 or 4x4 if you do not plan on changing the texture.
  13. I did it. It worked. OMG, thank you!!!
  14. Hey, I'm having a new error now @@. Can you explain to me what is wrong with this code
    It printed a lot of stacktrace when I was trying to shoot. I can't shoot, and when I right click air with the wooden hoe, it degrades and when I switch the wooden hoe to my off hand, It turns into a gun and reload that gun.
  15. Can you post the stacktrace and the gun's YML file?
  16. Can you add an option to change the Reload Sound ?
    If that happen then this plugin will surely surppass the old school legendary crackshot.
  17. Great plugin! You should add a command to stop bleeding of a player.
  18. Reloading sounds are currently handled by the charging handler. To have different reload sounds, you currently need to change the charging handler that represents the sound you want.

    In the next update, there will be a new ReloadingHandler to determine sounds.
    Bleeding is currently experimental and should not be used.
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  19. zombie_striker updated Quality Armory with a new update entry:

    Added reloadinghandlers, burstmode, automatic fire fix, and ammo stacking fix.

    Read the rest of this update entry...